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Upgrades Place A2 Wind Tunnel at the Pinnacle of World Leaders in Aerodynamic Cycling Analysis

A recent complete camera-system upgrade at the A2 Wind Tunnel has placed the Mooresville, North Carolina, company at the top of bicycle aerodynamics analysis, fit analysis and feedback for cyclists and the cycling industry.

The A2 Wind Tunnel’s latest upgrades make it the first wind tunnel in the world able to measure aerodynamic forces and capture biomechanics while the wind-tunnel test is occurring in a real-time, frame-by-frame fashion throughout the entire tunnel session.

A2 Wind Tunnel General Manager David Salazar installing tracking dots on Ryan Thigpen in the A2 Wind Tunnel
(A2 Wind Tunnel photo)

A2’s upgrades include a complete camera-system enhancement with six new high-definition cameras – with two high-speed cameras aimed at motion tracking – and the addition of 28 high-intensity lights in the test section to enhance the HD cameras’ performance. The A2 tunnel now features a new HD projector in the test section allowing riders complete real time feedback with data, and live video stream from all camera views.

These tunnel improvements have allowed another very important upgrade in a motion-analysis software called Dartfish, the most advanced video technology software on the market. Dartfish allows a vivid, clear tracking of the biomechanics of the cyclist during the test, including frame-by-frame data relating to body-position angles with a strong emphasis on a rider’s physiological motion.

Analysts will enjoy the renovations to the A2 Wind Tunnel’s control room, now equipped with six brand-new widescreen HD computer monitors and a new 46-inch flat-screen TV to allow a comfortable group-viewing session.

These upgrades are now generating the highest quality, specific, detailed reports on cycling aerodynamics the industry has ever seen.

A2 manager David Salazar explains A2’s original vision of the Wind Tunnel’s improvements and the work involved to make the vision come to life.

“With motion analysis and tracking capabilities along with precise aerodynamic measurements we are now leading the way for athlete wind tunnel testing. This will give us a more detailed test, whereas before, the physiological measurement was separate from the wind tunnel, we have now combined the two and are getting great results in A2 from this new tool,” Salazar said.

For scheduling information, questions or more information on A2 Wind Tunnel, visit a2wt.com, contact David Salazar at 704-235-6054 or email [email protected].


Press written by New Concept Race Media. For more information, visit https://newconceptracemedia.com.

A2 Wind Tunnel new operating room view
(A2 Wind Tunnel photo)

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