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Veneto 2020/New Organizational Phase Led by President Pasqualin

The Vicenza and Veneto World Championships Promotions Committee presents its bid for the 2020 candidacy in Qatar.

Representatives for the 2020 Road Cycling World Championships Promotions Committee are expected to arrive in Qatar during the night between Thursday and Friday. The “team” will be arriving from Vicenza, and is made up of its President, Claudio Pasqualin, Vice President Moreno Nicoletti and Counsellor Alessandro Belluscio.

The expedition was announced a few hours ago by Angelo Zomegnan, current counsellor to the Vicenza Committee and already deputy editor at the Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport. For seven years he has been an organizer for the Giro d’Italia and other World Tour events for RCS Sport; he also served as President for the Organizing Committee of the 2013 Toscana World Championships, with its 12 races that all finished in Florence.

veneto2020-pasqualin-nicoletti-920Claudio Pasqualin and Moreno Nicoletti at the 2016 Giro d’Italia

Now the Vicenza Promotion Committee is entering the decisive phase to complete its case for candidacy, with the goal of acquiring the rights to organize the 2020 Road Racing World Championships. The 2020 Vicenza World Championship project enjoys the support of the Veneto Region as well as the cities leading the promotion for the bid (Venice, Padua and of course, Vicenza). There is also strong support from all the Italian administrative and sports institutions such as the government, Coni and the FCI (Federazione Ciclistica Italiana), which is the only institution authorized to represent the candidacy it formally owns, through President Renato Di Rocco.

The Vicenza Promotion Committee for Veneto 2020 will come here to strengthen relationships with the heads of the UCI (International Cycling Union) and analyse the angles that could add innovative ideas to the dossier for the World Championship bid. They will also determine organizational priorities and study any new trends here in Qatar in terms of structures, logistics, sports management, and they will attend the World sponsoring forum that will be taking place in Qatar until Sunday (the day of the main event: the in-line professional race).

veneto2020-02-920The presentation conference for the 2020 Veneto Project at the CosmoBike trade fair in Verona

Another priority will be to come up with more efficient solutions to complete the architecture for the 2020 World Championships, which will strive to create a lasting impact – focusing on St. Mark’s square in Venice, and a spectacular loop around the Monte Berico, comprising all its Palladian pearls; there will also be starting lines from Prato della Valle in Padua and the involvement of all five of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Veneto region. At the same time the bid will focus on compatibility with the current world economy and eco-sustainability.

These founding principles of the mission (and other subjects of a sporting nature) will be highlighted in front of the UCI executive panel, with the aim of supplying elements that will also be useful to promising developments in global participation and in television production.

The Cannibal Eddy Mrckx special ambassador in Qatar for the Veneto 2020 World Championships Promotions Committee


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