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Veneto Continues its Race Towards the Definite Designation of the 2020 World Championships

Following several rumours in the Italian and foreign news recently claiming that Veneto has withdrawn its bid to host the 2020 Cycling World Championships and that new countries are bidding to host the event the attorney Claudio Pasqualin, President of the Veneto 2020 Committee, would like to clarify:

• As things stand currently the 2020 World Championships has in all effects been assigned, albeit sub-judice, to Veneto, as established by the UCI Managing Committee during the congress held in Bergen at the end of September, 2017, during the last iridescent series.

• The Veneto 2020 committee has in no way withdrawn from the World Championship race; on the contrary, we are continuing to work on the project with commitment and determination, pending the final deadline in June, when we expect to obtain the definite designation by completely meeting all the requests and guarantees prescribed by UCI protocol.

“In response to recent revelations, I must emphasize that, during the 2017 event in Bergen, the 2020 World Championships were assigned to Italy on the basis of the project put together by our 2020 Veneto Committee. The project is centred on the pro race kicking off from Venice, with the various other events being held in the many cities of the region and the city of Vicenza hosting the final finish line for the tests. For our part, we are continuing to work with maximum commitment on all fronts. We’ve taken all the necessary steps; we presented a complete technical dossier which was positively received by the UCI, and even the on-site surveys conducted by UCI delegates got an excellent response. In light of all this we hope that the Italian political situation after the March 4 election will resolve itself in the upcoming weeks, so that the 2020 Veneto project can definitively take shape within the UCI timeframe,” says the attorney Claudio Pasqualin, President of the Veneto 2020 Committee.

Members of the Veneto 2020 Committee, from right to left: Alessandro Belluscio (Councillor), Claudio Pasqualin (President) and Moreno Nicoletti (Vice-President):

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