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Wahoo Fitness Brings Strava™ Indoors, Introducing the Segments Cycling App

New Wahoo Fitness app allows cyclists to compete head-to-head on any Strava segment using the revolutionary KICKR Power Trainer

Atlanta, GA – October 15, 2013 – Wahoo Fitness, the leader in iPhone powered cycling, running and fitness, announces Strava™ app integration into the KICKR Power Trainer with the new Wahoo Segments app. Engineered by Wahoo Fitness, the Segments app allows users to ride any Strava segment indoors on the world’s first and only iPhone powered bike trainer, the KICKR Power Trainer. Using the KICKR, riders can now compete in head-to-head matchups against any rider, on any Strava segment, anywhere in the world. Users can then upload sessions to their Strava profile as an indoor workout. Wahoo Segments App is available now for download in the Apple App Store for $31.99.


Wahoo’s new Segments app, takes ride courses and routes from Strava and seamlessly incorporates them into the iOS powered KICKR Power Trainer. Users can ride any Strava segment from the comfort of their living room, garage or training facility. Segments controls resistance to match the elevation profile of each course, meaning the KICKR realistically simulates the grade of each Strava segment’s climb in real-time. Resistance adjustments are instant, making it easy to replicate everything from a flat or rolling hill course, to the coast down a hill after a hard climb.

“Wahoo’s commitment to having a full-line of Strava integrated products has led to the Segments app,” says Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. “By integrating Strava into the KICKR Power Trainer with Segments, we have created the single best indoor riding experience a cyclist could ever ask for. There is no other indoor bike trainer, no other app and no other cycling experience that can compare to the thrill of competing against your friend head-to-head on your favorite route, while they are potentially on the other side of the planet. This is truly changing the game for cyclist, triathletes, Strava addicts and data junkies across the globe.”

“Strava’s mission is to serve, motivate and entertain the global community of athletes and we are excited to team up with Wahoo to provide cyclists around the world with a new option for their indoor training,” said Jordan Kobert, head of business development at Strava. “With nearly three million cycling segments currently available through Strava – and more created every day – there is an almost endless supply of roads and trails to ride virtually through the Wahoo Segments app.”

Segments is Wahoo’s second software program for the KICKR, following the Wahoo Fitness app. In addition, Wahoo’s open API has attracted many app partners including Kinomap for virtual course riding, structured training program software Trainer Road, iMobile Intervals for indoor training and BKOOL for real video, multiplayer sessions and social sharing. Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and ANT+ technology, the KICKR Power Trainer connects to the iPhone, allowing full resistance control during your training session. With a wheel off design and super flywheel, the iPhone connected bike trainer is engineered to produce an ultra-realistic road feel, equivalent to the inertia of an actual rider on the road. A direct power measurement at the hub provides consistent and lab accurate power data.

With Wahoo’s Blue SC Speed & Cadence sensor for iPhone, the Blue HR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone, the RFLKT Bike Computer for iPhone, Balance Smartphone Scale and the KICKR bike trainer, Wahoo users can now track and power their cycling with their iPhone at home, on the road, the trail and the trainer. Wahoo Fitness’ iPhone cycling system allows users to monitor all the vitals including power, speed, cadence, heart rate, pace, distance, location, course and more.

To request additional information on Wahoo Fitness please contact PR Representative Brad Hobbs at (305) 374-4404 x119 or by email at [email protected]. For more information on Wahoo Fitness, please visit www.WahooFitness.com and for a complete list of compatible Apps, please visit www.WahooFitness.com/Apps.

About Wahoo Fitness:

Located in Atlanta, GA., Wahoo Fitness connects iOS devices and smartphones to your favorite fitness activities – running, biking, and gym going. Wahoo Fitness’ award winning line of Bluetooth Smart products also include the Wahoo Blue HR heart rate strap, which adds heart rate training to your iPhone, the Wahoo Blue SC speed & cadence sensor, which provides accurate speed and pedaling cadence data to your iPhone, the Wahoo RFLKT Bike Computer, the world’s first iPhone powered bike computer, and the KICKR Power Trainer, the world’s first iOS powered bike trainer. For more information on Wahoo Fitness, please visit www.wahoofitness.com.

Media Contact:

Brad Hobbs
Account Director
Max Borges Agency
80 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 374-4404 x 119
[email protected]

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