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Weekend of races in Italy and France for LAMPRE-MERIDA

In the weekend, LAMPRE-MERIDA won’t race only in Vuelta a Espana, but it will enlarge its range of action to Italy for Memorial Pantani (Saturday) and to France for Gp Plouay (Sunday).

In Memorial Pantani (200 km from Lugo to Cesenatico, three passages on the summit of Montevecchio), sport director Orlando Maini will rely on Kristijan Durasek, winner of Tre Valli Varesine, Adriano Malori, Przemyslaw Niemiec, Jan Polanc, Luca Wackermann and trainee Enea Cambianica.

Sport director Maini explains that: “There are 30 km of flat road from the last climb and the finish line, so it could seem that sprinters and their teams could control the race in view of a bunch sprint.
But I think that, if the pace will be very high on the climbs, there could be the chance for some riders to escape in order to reach the arrival.

In our team there will be Durasek and Polanc, who both realized Amazing performances in Trittico Lombardo. There will be also Malori and Niemiec, in addition to Wackermann, who crashed heavily in Coppa Agostoni, and trainee Cambianica”.

In France,7 blue-fuchsia-green cyclists will try to conquer again for LAMPRE-MERIDA Gp Plouay, that had been added to the team trophy all in 2011 thanks to Grega Bole.
At the start of the French race there will be Davide Cimolai, Damiano Cunego, Elia Favilli, Roberto Ferrari, Andrea Palini, Daniele Pietropolli and Filippo Pozzato.

“Pozzato is ambitious about Gp Plouay, so we’ll try to give him the necessary support – sport director Vicino explained – But don’t forget that LAMPRE-MERIDA will be able to rely on other riders for different solutions: Cunego, Favilli and Pietropolli could attack during the race, while Ferrari will be important if there will be a massive final sprint”.

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