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Wet, Windy and Cold — That’s What Tour of Norway is all About

On the 17-21 of May Gazprom – RusVelo is to compete in the Tour of Norway.

Since the inception in 2011 Norwegian race has been steadily catching on and in 2014 got the highest 2.HC category.

Tour of Norway is famous for its hilly terrain and harsh weather. Riders usually face tough conditions featuring heavy rain and the maximum temperature of 10°C during the five racing days. This year the organizers cut off the stage with the long steep climb Flisetjønsskaret, but the race with the total distance of 904 kilometers still cannot be considered an easy one. The altimetry of the third and the fifth stages is certainly appealing for the specialists of craggy courses, whereas sprinters are to prevail on the second and fourth days. All-rounders who are keen on uneven terrain and able to show a powerful finish are most likely to clinch a podium and claim the overall victory.

Gazprom – RusVelo riders Roman Maikin and Alexander Porsev will be the team’s leaders on the flat stages with Nikolay Trusov and Artur Ershov assisting them, whilst Artem Nych and Artem Ovechkin are to test themselves on the craggy stages.

That’s what Roman Maikin said before the start: “From the recent line-up only Artur Ershov and Alexander Porsev have experienced this race. Nevertheless, we know what to expect from Norway and the weather doesn’t frighten us. Even though, the strongest riders are right now on the Giro, the list of contenders for Tour of Norway is quite impressive. Apart from the Pro Tour and Pro Continental squads, you shouldn’t underestimate the local Continental teams. They are highly prepared for this race and know the route like the palm of the hand, but we are also in a good form and set up for a fierce competition.”

Gazprom – RusVelo line-up:
Roman Maikin, Artem Nych, Artem Ovechkin, Artur Ershov, Nikolay Trusov, Alexander Porsev.

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