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Why is Road Cycling so popular?

In recent years, road cycling has continued to increase in popularity. While it’s always been an excellent means of transport and a more environmentally friendly option than driving a car, many individuals now enjoy cycling as a hobby and sporting activity. While it can be enjoyed by yourself, it’s also a great communal hobby, and with an increase in biking paths on roads around the world, bike rides have become more accessible and safer for many people. Today we’re going to discuss the question; why is cycling so popular? We hope these reasons will encourage you to dust off your bike and take to the roads again.

It’s a great form of exercise
One of the most obvious benefits of cycling is that it is a great form of exercise and good for your health. With the majority of gyms around the world having been closed for an extended period of time this year, people have become creative in finding new workouts to replace their previous gym routine. Bike sales have gone through the roof this year, with many people taking it up as a new hobby. With roads quieter than ever during lockdowns, it’s a great time to learn in a safer and quieter environment. Biking at a speed of about 12 miles per hour will burn roughly 290 calories in 30 minutes, whereas a faster rate of 15 miles per hour could burn 370 calories in the same time period. In comparison to other cardio activities such as running and HIIT workouts, many people find cycling to be a much more enjoyable form of exercise.

Worldwide inspiration
The increase in leisure bike rides has been noted over the last decade, and one of the main inspirations behind these are the international superstar cyclists. Whether you enjoy watching the Tour de France each year, or have been impressed by your country’s efforts in the Olympics, cycling has taken center stage at some of the world’s biggest sporting events. This increased coverage has inspired many people who would never have dreamed of cycling to head out on their bike and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

No recurring subscription
The great thing about road cycling is that once you’ve absorbed the upfront cost of your bike, there’s no recurring monthly fee, unlike when you belong to a gym. While you may need to pay for occasional maintenance, or you could opt to join a club, the basic costs of biking on the roads and trails after that would be free. With the current state of the world, we’re all looking for free and cheap activities to do, and biking is a great option. Pack a picnic, and you can enjoy a fantastic day out in nature, without spending anything. If you are looking to save money further, consider replacing your commute in the car or on public transport with a cycle ride. This will save you money and also start your day off in an active and enjoyable manner.

Cycling is a fantastic activity for individuals of any age, and especially for students, it can be a great way to let off steam. Many students can be seen traveling between where they live and their lectures by bicycle, and especially internationally, this is a growing trend. It’s a great stress reliever, but if you are worried about your upcoming papers and exams, there are many other ways to get help. Consider looking at free examples of student papers online from PapersOwl.com, where you’ll find endless help and examples when you’re next struggling. Remember, you always deserve a study break, so next time you’re overwhelmed, step away from your computer for a bit and take a cycle break.

A sense of community
Whether you have a group of friends who love to ride their bikes, or you are looking to make new friends, cycling clubs are a sociable and enjoyable way to meet new people. If you can’t find one in your area, consider setting up your own! If you search online, even via social media such as Instagram and Facebook, you’ll find new clubs continually popping up. It’s a great way to enjoy a day out and make new friends, and you’ll find some local routes in your area. While some may charge a small fee to join, many are free. If you are considering setting up your own club, the great thing about cycling is that you don’t need a clubhouse or anything extra to get started. You just need to select a meeting point for your group, and you’ll be good to go!

Explore new areas
It can be so easy in our day-to-day lives to never venture out and appreciate our surroundings. If you are lucky enough to live in a beautiful place with many different cycling routes, take advantage of them and enjoy spending your weekends exploring. Cycling holidays have now become increasingly popular, and it’s a fantastic way to see a new part of your country or even the world. The benefits of spending a few days or even a week in nature and enjoying a healthy pastime will be far greater than staying at home. Even if you are on a budget, consider packing your bikes and heading camping for a few days.

Cycling is a fantastic activity for adults and children, and as you can see, there are endless reasons that road cycling is so popular. With many excellent health benefits, it’s a fun activity that allows you to enjoy time in nature without spending a fortune. Try and find some like-minded friends or new acquaintances in your area, and next time you have a free day, enjoy a group ride together to explore your neighborhood further!

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