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Win every Ride! SCOTT Presents new Foil

With the new Foil, SCOTT presents a bike that is more aerodynamic, lighter, stiffer AND more comfortable than its predecessor.

The first edition of the Foil set a milestone in the history of aerodynamically advanced road bikes. Since its introduction back in 2010, the Foil has earned great success on the highest level of cycling. No less than 115 World Tour victories, 16 Grand Tour stages and 3 Classic wins have been claimed on the Foil to date.


The new Foil features the same lightweight frame characteristics as its predecessor. With a frame weight of 945g and a fork weight of 335g the new Foil is one of the lightest Aero Bikes on the market. “Our World Tour riders count every gram. 6.8 kilograms is a magic number for them and despite its aerodynamic and stiff nature, it’s actually not a challenge to build the complete bike below this regulatory threshold,” says Frank Oberle, Road Product Manager at SCOTT Sports.


It took no time for the first Foil to gain a reputation for being extremely stiff and responsive with regards to power transfer and handling. “In favor of our Pro riders and the customer base that prefers a stiff and responsive bike, the new Foil exhibits even higher stiffness values than its predecessor,” says Benoît Grelier, Head of Engineering at SCOTT.

“The frame aerodynamics of the new Foil have been reworked as a whole,” says Paul Remy, Bike Engineer who has worked for 2.5 years on the new Foil. “All the vertical sections of the frame have been optimized independently and in conjunction with each other, component integration has been lifted to a new level and the bike features a fully integrated cockpit that saves precious watts,” Remy says, summing up the aerodynamic benefits of the new Foil.




Five models will be seen in the 2016 SCOTT Line-up. Learn more about the entire Foil Line-up here.

Aside from the visible design enhancements with regards to aerodynamics and integration, the riding comfort of the new Foil has been lifted to a new level.


“We have achieved an increase in vertical compliance of a stunning 89% compared to the first edition of the Foil,” says Paul Remy. “Our carbon expertise made it possible to create a road bike which is noticeably compliant while maintaining a low weight.”

“While certain riders switch between the lightweight SCOTT Addict and the aerodynamically advanced Foil depending on course characteristics, I really appreciate the Foil for almost every race due to its stiff and aerodynamic yet lightweight nature,” says Heinrich Haussler, IAM Cycling Rider Professional who was impressed by the riding feel of the new Foil after clocking some fast laps on the Salzburgring race track. “We have seen a drastic jump in development of aerodynamically optimized road bikes over the past 5 years,” says Pascal Ducrot, Vice President at SCOTT Sports. “Despite being aerodynamically advanced, the new Foil is still lightweight, stiff and comfortable and is therefore a bike that our World Tour Riders will not exclusively choose for dead flat sprint stages,” Ducrot sums up the idea behind the new Foil.



The new Foil not only looks damn fast- it also rides incredibly fast.
Learn more about the Foil Technologies here. PHOTOS: Michael Rauschendorfer


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