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World Champs: A Special Train Ticket

A single ticket to ride on all regional Trenitalia trains during the Championships, from the 22nd to the 29th of September. Its name is Toscana Rail Ticket and it has been conceived by Trenitalia and the Tuscany Region, in collaboration with the Organizing Committee, with the two-fold aim of facilitating mobility in the territories of the Championships and promote the use of trains.

“A couple of months ago, we asked Trenitalia for an instrument which would allow Championship visitors to use the public railway transportation system to move freely between one race and the other” said the regional councillor for transports Vincenzo Ceccarelli. “I think that with the Toscana Rail Ticket we did even more than we had originally planned, by creating a flexible ticket which opens the doors to the entire railway network and promoting the use of railways as a means to discover the territory. In the same time, we are also defining the details of the special plan on extra services, which we will present soon and which is bound to give very important answers in matters of mobility during the Championships”.

“We answered the request of the region and of the Organizing Committe” answered the regional director for Trenitalia Gianluca Scarpellini “creating a ticket to travel freely throughout Tuscany. It’s thought for cycling fans who want to follow the competitions, but also for their companions, who can use the ticket to travel around Tuscany during the week. This is the reason we made it easy to use: there is no need to validate the ticket and it can be used unlimitedly during the selected time frame”.

The new ticket is dedicated both to people who will chose the train to follow the races and for those who will want to visit Tuscany during those days. It will allow bearers to travel on all regional trains, without having to validate the ticket. Moreover, it will not be necessary to include the name of the carrier.

There are three kinds of Toscana Rail Ticket, with a validity of 3,4 or 8 days. The three-day pass will cover the days 27-28-29 September and will cost 36 euros. The 4-day pass will be valid for the first four days of the Championships (22-25 September) and will cost 44 euros. The third will be valid for 8 days (22-29 September) and cost 80 euros. There are no specific tariffs for children; however, children may profit of the regular discount prices (free for 0-4 years, 50% off for 4-12 years).

Toscana Rail Ticket will be available starting from the next few days in the 27 regional Trenitalia ticket offices. Moreover, agreements with different hotels of the Consorzio Firenze Albergo and other accommodation structures are being discussed, in order to sale tickets in their facilities.

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