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Zevlin Launches Reformulated Crack and Super Crack Chamois Creams

Zevlin, the small handlebar tape and skincare brand run by brothers Brad and Drew Hagestad, has launched their reformulated Crack and Super Crack chamois creams.

Based off the very popular original Crack and Super Crack, the reformulated creams no longer use coconut oils, which could separate in warm temperatures- like sitting in a car before or after rides and races. The reformulated versions no longer use coconut oil and now use Electric Daisy Extract (antibacterial, anti-fungal, and pain-relieving properties), Organic Sunflower Seed Oil (rich in vitamin E, wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties), and Organic Witch Hazel Extract (natural astringent and anti-inflammatory properties).

Both formulas are now also available in jars, rather than tubes, and come in 2oz and 8oz sizes. Super Crack has a mild Euro-style “Hint O’Tingle”, while Crack is non-tingle. Both are especially good for high mileage days, and are designed to not immediately absorb into the rider’s skin or chamois, providing skin protection for all day rides.

Best of all, both products are in stock and ready to ship now. Crack and Super Crack 2oz jars retail for $9.95, and 8oz Crack is $22.95, with 8oz Super Crack at $23.95.


For more information go to WWW.ZEVLIN.COM

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