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2018 European Road Champs – Heather’s Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery: Heather Morrison has been to the Giro d’Italia, the Tour’s of Yorkshire, Britain and France for PEZ, so when she had a big race hit her local Scottish roads we had to send her down to Glasgow to make a ‘Photo Gallery’. Unique and special, those are the best words to describe Heather’s fine selection of images from the 2018 European Road Race championships.

You can read Heather’s interview with Giovanni Visconti from the 2017 Giro d’Italia HERE.

Jacopo Guarnieri – Before the race, just arrived at the Green. Not a bad morning, quite nice for a bike ride – He doesn’t know what’s waiting for him

The start line, pretty much the same as the finish line – Forza Italia

Canola on the front pulling the peloton up Great George Street – Look at that rain

Peter Sagan and Zdenek Stybar keeping company on Great George Street – The Czech and The Slovakian

Van Aert and Mads Pedersen working together on Great George Street to catch back on the peloton

Cortina trying to get back to the bunch on the descent of Gibson Street

The break on University Avenue, the weather is blowing up a hoolie, rains getting really heavy – It’s not fun

France decide to join the party on University Avenue, mixing it up with the Italians and Belgians who’ve been on front all day – They don’t last long

France pulling the peloton up University Avenue

The peloton on George Street, girding their respective loins, they know this corner by now…. Montrose Street

The corner of Montrose St, loins are girded!

Montrose Street – Welcome to The MacMur

Another pass up the MacMur – Xandro Meurisse has taken over from Canola, he’s on the front now till the end

Porsev “I’ll be needing that bidon about now thanks”

Must be the 6th pass up Montrose Street but Czech rider, Alois Kankovsky still has the strength to entertain the fans in the rain

The elusive Eduard Prades, coming off Rottonrow onto High Street… Just before he abandoned

Matej doing the Mohoric down High Street – Cimo says on you go friend

Trentin doing a Mohoric on High Street, while chasing Mohoric up ahead

Penultimate crossing of the finish line, all the players are here

Just can’t quite believe it… wow. Nobody remembers 4th, but Jesus Herrada just misses out

The victory sinks in as the realisation of what he’s done hits home – Mathieu van der Poel is first to congratulate him

Searching for Cimo…. he spots him

Big man hugs for Cimo from Trentin

Trentin just overjoyed – Cuddles all round

Trentin starts cuddling everyone, I’m disappointed, I was right there – He didn’t cuddle me

Sonny crosses the line and it’s his turns for the Trentin cuddles

It’s all too much for Cimo, put everything into it for Trentin

Kristoff staring dumbfounded at Cimo…. no one cried for me

Happy boss man, Cassini is positively bouncing

Van Aert thanks Meurisse for his work, he left everything on the road – Twice

Yes Mathieu, we can all see you’re fucked!

Just look what a simple circuit round Glasgow has done to 3 times world Cyclo-cross champion… just as well they only went to the nice bits

Viviani wishing those Roubaix showers were handy

Great podium, Netherlands, Belgium & Italy. 3 great cycling nations. 1 tough MF Italian classics specialist and 2 Cyclo Cross legends (at 23). Aye, Glasgow is a tough parcours in the rain

Trentin singing along to the Italian National anthem… he laughed along as the Glasgow crowd started clapping along – It’s a good anthem for clapping along with

Men’s Euros final podium 2 cyclo-cross champs and a classic specialist – Great finish race was on to the line

Farewell victory salute leaving the podium

Which way to doping control?

“I ragazzi” waiting for the party to begin…

Next up for Heather will be Il Giro di Lombardia – Stay PEZ for Heather in Italy.

# You can see the PEZ Roadside on the Time Trial HERE, Road Race HERE and Race Report, Result and Video in EUROTRASH HERE. #

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