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Bahrain-Merida Finish Training Camp On Hvar Island

PeloPic: After the last training camp in 2017, BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team is optimistic for the coming season and already looking forward to first challenges.


Training camp, which was attended by all riders and most of the staff of BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team proved that everything is running smoothly and that the team is 100% ready for the upcoming season. Riders and staff were very satisfied with the organization of the training camp on Hvar, as well as with the conditions for training and other activities.


“During our stay on Hvar, the riders executed 100% of the planned activities. The training plan constituted of 45 hours training on bikes, morning trainings with activation of all muscle groups, and afternoon strength trainings and stretching. We also used this occasion for regular meetings of all organizational groups and for our nutritionist, Laura Martinelli, to give our riders some extra knowledge about this important part of professional cycling. There was, of course, some time also for fun activities. Our staff organized a relay on a 900 m long track, starting on the main square in Hvar city and leading to historic fortress Fortica (Španjola), 100 m above the starting point. The riders were referees and photographers and the staff performed the relay. At the end, a mixed team of masseurs and mechanics won, leaving the team of sports directors and trainers behind. All in all, we are leaving Hvar very satisfied with the work that has been done and also thankful for the great hospitality, atmosphere, and conditions that we found there. We hope to be back in the same place this time next year,” expressed his satisfaction with the last few weeks Vladimir Miholjević, sports director at BAHRAIN MERIDA Team and coordinator of the training camp.



Also the hosts, City of Hvar and Sunčani Hvar hotels were delighted to host BAHRAIN MERIDA Team. Mr. Georges Buj, a representative of Tourist Board of City of Hvar, said after the training camp: “Island Hvar was always a top destination for cyclo-tourists. Combination of climate and natural beauties created ideal conditions for this sport, being recreational or professional. Six years ago we started the project of developing the destination for sports tourism, including cycling. After most of the work being done, we are now close to the final phase of creating infrastructure for cyclists, so the visit of BAHRAIN MERIDA Team was kind of like a cherry on the top. We didn’t want to promote Hvar as a cyclo-tourist destination before the conclusion of the project, so the timing of the training camp was perfect. The fact that top athletes, like Vincenzo Nibali, were satisfied with the conditions that the destination offers, shows that we are ready for further challenges. We learned a lot from the sports directors that gave us their feedback and also suggestions how to be better. This is, of course, our goal and we wish a lot of success to the BAHRAIN MERIDA Team in season 2018. We hope that also the trainings on Hvar will contribute to that. BAHRAIN MERIDA Team is always welcome on Hvar.”


Also representatives of Sunčani Hvar hotels, who proved to be excellent hosts, were satisfied with the outcome of the training camp: “It is a great honor to have hosted such talented and experienced cycling professionals, including their management team at our hotel Pharos. Hvar has long been one of the favorite destinations for active holidays and we are pleased to see that Hvar is becoming a recognized European cycling destination. Sunčani Hvar’s long-term goal is to represent the island as a destination for active tourism and we believe that we will succeed in this with close cooperation with all active participants that share our vision. Sunčani Hvar hopes to welcome the team back to Hvar next year for yet another exciting training camp!”


This training camp on the beautiful island of Hvar gave the perfect finishing touches on the preparations for the new seasons. Riders have some free days ahead now to spend with their families and friends before another challenging season kicks off in the middle of January in Australia.


Photo credits: https://www.portraitofanathlete.com for @Suncani_Hvar Hotels and @hvar.life https://hvar.life.

Bahrain-Merida team website HERE.

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