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GP Bruno Beghelli’19: Heather’s Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery: After the excitement of the Giro dell’Emilia on Saturday, Heather moved on to the GP Bruno Beghelli and a popular win from Bahrain-Merida’s Sonny Colbrelli on Sunday. Still a full week of Italian one-day races to go.

You can see Heather’s day at the Giro dell’Emilia’19 HERE.

Bastinelli – First over the line

Ah, so what happened today? Where should I start!
Woke up at 7:30… ahhhh, checked the alarm, yes I had set it for 7am, on Saturday. So we started on a f*****ck!

Lorena Wiebes in 2nd place

Two prizes for Audrey Cordon-Ragot, not sure what for

Chiara Consonni in 3rd place

I got ready and left. I should still make the sign on for the men, they start at 10am. I head out and the Google map man let me down astronomically! I went up this road, there were signs saying it was a dead end, but Google was saying I would turn off in 2 kilometres. Google, in Italy, once took me along a tow path on a canal that worked out – so I have faith. I can see a turning ahead in my 2 kilometre range so I think ‘OK, trust Google’. I get there and it is another canal path, but more an irrigation culvert type of thing. No matter – faith! The lesson for today; don’t always have blind faith in a machine. Day 2 of mental three (plus) point turns.

Success – Marta Bastinelli

The many edible gifts had Marta so very excited that she was licking her lips

So I amend Google from searching for the quickest route to the one avoiding tolls and motorways and that gives me an alternative. I take that road and it seems to be working. Eventually 90 minutes later than planned I reach the depart/arrivo in Monteveglio. Not really expecting anything, I check the book again, the women are well away, but the men don’t go until 11:30, its; 11:15. So I think I can do this. I go to the press room and ask. I am told that the men have not started, but they start “far” away because the women’s race is on.

Champagne showers

When Champagne gets in your eyes

Champagne can make a right mess of your mascara

OK, I wait for the women to arrive as they are due, I have work to do, I will wait for the men’s circuits to start this afternoon, I gave up any chance of the mens start.

‘Oh no, Bala and Bernal have spotted me!’

I head outside for the women’s race on their last lap and caught the tail end of them going through, next is their finalé. I notice some photographers moving up to the finish and wondered what was happening, then a couple of team buses appear and so followed them down, as I was going the direction of the bus. I heard the noise rise behind me and turn to see the men lining up at the start, facing he opposite way the women were coming.

Sonny knows he has it

Sonny crossing the line

1st thought: They told me the men’s start was miles away. 2nd thought: Run! I get there in time to see some of them before they head off in the direction he women are coming from… I hope they’ve worked this out right. The men leave quickly, no hanging around. I hope whoever worked out the logistics of this got the numbers right in his head. After every lap they reopen the roads and immediately there are cars, bikes and people walking all over the place.

Gaudu and Mollema – 4th and 5th

Garcia Cortina happy with 7th

Moscon blew spectacularly

Not long after – the women hit the finish line. Victory for Bastinelli, with a strong finish. Time for the podium ceremonies: I’ve never seen anyone so excited for cheese – Marta Bastianelli… Typical of these wonderful old Italian races – the prizes/gifts were phenomenal, if you like cheese and salami, this is the race for you. After the women’s fanfare – I wait for the men.

Sonny Colbrelli fan club and family

They have ten laps of the finish circuit and I manage to catch several, but I also see someone I think I know from social media. I ask; “are you Adelina?” Yes, this is Sonny Colbrelli’s wife and daughter, who I know from social media. But this is the first time we have met in person. It is so nice to finally meet and we discuss that we are expecting Sonny to win and I congratulate her on expecting her new baby.

Power nap for Vittoria before the excitement

Later when more of the Fan Club Sonny Colbrelli arrive, I ask for a photo, but Vittoria wants a cuddle… from me. I was so surprised, babies normally run from me. I need to get back to the press room to send off what I have so far.

KOM for Wanty-Gobert’s Guillaume Martin

I want to get a good position for the last couple of circuits, marking out our spots. I get talking to this absolute hero, he has his photo albums with him and is showing them to us. His pictures are phenomenal – Casartelli and Scarponi for example. He gave me a photo of Scarponi, Buon Natale.

Ham for Haig

In around another 30 minutes the race comes home… we hear the changes overhead, last lap Moscon was the hopeful winner for the Italian crowd, but I believe the eventual winner gets the biggest cheer. And today that winner is… Sonny Colbrelli.

Valverde looks happy with his ham

Over at the podium the gifts/prizes in a typical Italian autumn race are mind-blowing and you could see when Jack Haig was getting his prize for third place, he was almost saying please stop, although he did enjoyed his podium. Even Alejandro Valverde eventually looked like he was enjoying himself, then it got to the giant ham, he just looked at Haig as if to say “what the f**k” and they had a laugh about that. All the soigneurs had to crowd around to carry the gifts.

Bala, Sonny and Haig

Sonny brings Vittoria to the stage, which I think he eventually regrets as the cheese and ham’s start to arrive. I’m definitely doing the “ham” a disservice as I have no doubt it is much more than that.

Easy to see who has had most practice with the champagne popping

As with most of these races that I have seen there are lots of additional prizes which I am not sure what they are for. Jack Haig accepted the team prize for Mitchelton-Scott. Sonny got a jersey for, I think, most aggressive rider. Guillaume Martin won a ceramic for KOM and a young Giotti-Victoria rider, Emil Dima got a prize for something, strange as he didn’t finish.

Champagne and confetti

I eventually head back to Sissa Trescali and my castle, leaving Monteveglio around 7pm. Tomorrow is a transition day, I am moving north and must visit Varese on the way to get ready for Tre Valli Varese on Tuesday.

Sonny and Vittoria

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