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Rally Cycling 2018 Jersey Reveal – Photo Gallery

PeloPic: Rally Cycling – One team, one jersey!

Rally Cycling is currently enjoying an action-packed winter camp at the Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA in Winter Park, CO. While participating in team building exercises, the riders also received their new jerseys for the 2018 season.

“We work closely with Rally’s creative team each year to develop a look that is minimal, iconic, and approachable,” said team Creative Director Sam Wiebe. “Each year we refine our look, removing superfluous elements to create something completely unique inside the peloton. We want someone putting on a kit for the first time to be as comfortable in Rally orange as our own pro riders. That is why we keep things simple, approachable and clean.”

As for the importance of the entire team coming together, here is what team General Manager Jacob Erker had to say.

“We are celebrating several milestones in 2018 with our program. Moving up to Pro Continental for the men, of course, is an important step. But we are also entering the 7th year for our women’s team as well. From the inception of the women’s program, we have always subscribed to the mantra of “one team” for both programs. Getting all of the riders together in Colorado sets the stage for a very important year ahead.”

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