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Rockland Supercross Cup 2019 – Day 2 Report and Photo Gallery

The 2019 Rockland County Supercross Cup stood out from earlier iterations for two reasons. One was that the weather was consistently good, if unseasonably cold, both days. The second was that teamwork dominated both the women’s and men’s elite fields.

35 women took off on day two for a course that was largely reversed

Last year, several inches of snow on unfrozen grounds turned the course into a mudder’s delight, with running taking precedence over riding. This year, the course was hard and mostly dry, making the course, save a set of barriers, completely rideable, despite the frequent elevation changes—over 220 feet of climbing per 1.5 mile lap, sharp turns, and side hills.

West and McFadden controlling the front

For the elite women, the question was: could the Pivot-Maxxis duo of Courtenay McFadden and Ruby West use tactics to work over Rebecca Fahringer of Kona Maxxis? They couldn’t, as Fahringer continued her en fuego season. On Sunday, the Pivot women got closer to their goal, controlling the race for the first half, but unable to respond when Fahringer decided it was time to fire the jets.

Taylor Kuyk-White proving Richard Sachs’ steel is lit

For the elite men, newly-crowned Pan-American champ Kerry Werner of Kona Maxxis had to contend with three Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com riders: national champ Stephen Hyde, former Pan-Am champ Curtis White, and newcomer Lane Maher. He was in a hard spot, as the three amigos got to the front immediately both days and soon after started to tenderize Werner. They swept the podium both days, with White winning both.

Britt Mason of Shadow tailed by Leslie Lupien of Velocio NECX

Philly Bike Expo’s Rachel Rubino working the first climb

New Jersey’s ageless Stacey Barbossa riding to 11th, while Emily Curley behind her passed and moved up to fifth

Lupien readying for a descent

Fahringer with no one else in the picture

Cannondale already making it hard on Werner

White letting the bike’s speed carry him over the barriers

Climbing out of the serpentine forest

Carving turns at full gas

Lane Maher getting freedom

Hyde sprinting out of the turns

Allan Schroder grooving to the northeastern hustle

A handful of seconds past 60 minutes for ten laps

Rockland Supercross Cup 2019 Day 2 Women Result:
1. Rebecca Fahringer (USA) Kona Maxxis Shimano in 40:45
2. Courtenay McFadden (USA) Pivot-Maxxis Pb Stans Notubes at 0:12
3. Ruby West (Can) Pivot Maxxis P/B Stans Notubes at 0:44
4. Carla Williams (USA) Deschutes Brewery Cyclocross Team at 1:33
5. Emily Curley (USA) Corner Cycle at 1:44
6. Rachel Rubino (USA) Philly Bike Expo at 1:50
7. Lizzy Gunsalus (USA) Cannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld at 1:58
8. Kathryn Cumming (USA) Jalapeno Cycling at 2:02
9. Taylor Kuyk-White (USA) Rscx – House Ind – Dwr – Hm at 2:28
10. Meghan Owens (USA) Hands-On Cycling at 2:43.

Rockland Supercross Cup 2019 Day 2 Men Result:
1. Curtis White (USA) Cannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld in 1:00:11
2. Lane Maher (USA) Cannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld at 0:17
3. Stephen Hyde (USA) Cannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld at 0:34
4. Kerry Werner (USA) Kona Maxxis Shimano at 1:04
5. Travis Livermon (USA) at 1:10
6. Sam Noel (USA) Comp Edge Racing/Uvm Cycling at 1:34
7. Allan Schroeder (USA) High Desert Hustle at 1:55
8. Grant Ellwood (USA) Pivot Maxxis Pb Stan’s Notubes at 2:47
9. Cooper Willsey (USA) Bicycle Express Racing at 2:58
10. Nicholas Lando (USA) Competitive Edge Racing at 3:24.

Thanks to Marco Quezada at marcoquezada.com for the photos.

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