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WORLDS’19 Men’s Road Race: Heather’s Photo Gallery

Worlds Photo Gallery: The final word has to go to a lady, so Heather Morrison has put together her favourite shots from the men’s World championships race last Sunday. We know it was very wet and cold, you have to be made of stern stuff for this ‘Photo Gallery’. The last report from the Worlds… we promise!

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Trentin, Sonny, Visconti and Ulissi – all very serious

Nelson Oliveira and Rui Costa – could have been separated at birth

Well, where do I start, what a day! When I got to the media centre in the morning to get the shuttle we were told about the floods and standing water on the course, two of the three climbs had been removed and two circuits added. This meant our bus went at 7:15 and we would still do the start and one spot on the course, but the people that were going on the buses that were doing two climbs were disappointed.

Diego Ulissi and Davide Cimolai at the sign-on

Kiry plotting the downfall of mankind

Ion Izagirre looking serious

When we arrive in Leeds for the start… it is no surprise to note that it is raining, we hit the buses as we will leave before the start so have to see what we can. ‘Back to the bus by 8:40, we leave without you if you are not here.’

Ryan Mullen on the start line

Non smiling Toms

Birdie trying hard not to meet my eyes

I hang out at the Bora-Hansgrohe bus for a while, looking for Sagan, then look for the Italians. When I get there – no one comes out to warm up. There is always a chance of that as it was raining and there was a 15 kilometre neutral zone.

A pensive Mollema on the start line

LouLou preparing to bring it home

Conor Dunne on the start line

At 8:30 I try to see whats happening at the sign-on before running for the bus. I managed to get shots of the Irish and the Portuguese teams and figured I had to run, but here come the Italians. I must get the Italians, the first I saw was the lovely Sonny Colbrelli, and then they all start to appear and head to the stage.

My boy Sonny

Dan Martin ready to go

Tommy V – Still here

So I waited to get some pics of the Italian team and then I ran for it, and of course because I always have a story… the bus was gone. I had no money, as my bag was on the bus, and no contact numbers for anyone on the bus. What I do have is an Instagram contact with someone who was also on the same bus, I PM her and yes, she will take my bag to the Media centre when they get back this afternoon. However now I am stuck in Leeds with no money. I am walking about trying to think what can I do, when I see the Ineos bus. I have the brass neck to go over and ask if someone, could loan me the money to get a train back to Leeds and I would pay them back. One girl actually checked her purse for me and was prepared to sort me out. I remembered the shuttle driver we had before was here also and I had his number. I called ‘Tom the bus’ and he told me where he was parked, so I thanked the Ineos girl and looked for the other shuttle.

The Basque boys were in Yorkshire

To find the bus I had to cross the riders lining up for the start – the best bit of the day. I got some great shots, met a fellow Scot photographer, one with talent, and then after the whistle blew I found the bus. Thank you driver Tom.

Dan Martin 2nd circuit

Shane Archbold cleaning his glasses – 2nd circuit

On the bus, secure in the knowledge that I’m getting back to Harrogate and my bag is coming back with friends. I settle on the bus and the guy across the way starts talking, I ask ‘you’re not Vayer are you?’ Yes, it is Twitter famous Antoine Vayer. @Festinaboy admits to who he is, this is going to be fun. I have his promise to follow PEZ, maybe this is good, maybe bad?

I get back to the media centre and not too much later my bag also makes it back. Around 2pm we head out on to the course, is it wet – yes, very, but I’m lucky, I’m not riding a bike!

Nelson Oliveira and Richard Carapaz – 2nd circuit

I manage to have a walk along the circuit, not ben able to do this all week due to the limited numbers of circuits, but today with 9 circuits I reckon I can. I go to a climb of sorts, one of the few left in, on Cornwall Road, there were no stewards on this stretch which I felt was a bit irresponsible, although there were no incidents, there was every possibility of an accident.

Stybar and Soler circuit 3

I got some photos on the way to Cornwall road and on the climb, then headed up to the finish line. It had been raining all day and it doesn’t let up, I reach the finish line with 4 laps to go, we lowly yellow vests are still confined to a small area, this being the mens elite final I know the place will fill up quick. I ask the stewards to try to make sure no one is at the barrier in the 2 metres we are allowed access to and I hope that will work for the finale.

Trentin and Van der Poel – The big break

Eventually, The mystery is solved, Van der Poel, drops off after a Trentin attack, the weather is having an enormous effect on this race. Moscon has had it and is gone. We are left with Trentin, Pedersen and Küng, so it must be Trentin – yes? No. young Mads Pedersen pulls it from his boots to win the race. He may not be a World champion with a massive pedigree to prove it, but he was assuredly the best on the day… and what is cycling if not the best on the day.

Sonny, Ion, Birdie, Bananito and Valgren

As the riders came to the podium, for safety the organisers would only let the photographers stewards onto the precarious surface which had been the finish and Fan zone for the week. Two Stewards stood out in their dedication to the job, almost knee deep in the quagmire. We lowly photographers shuffled through the mixture of water mud and worms, which seemed to be sucked to the surface with every step we take, I honestly think it will take that park three years to recover.

Wet and muddy – Not cyclo-cross

As the guys came to the podium I have never seen three men look so cold. Kung seemed the worst at first, but he’s Swiss, you could see he recognised the feeling after a couple of minutes and stopped shivering too much, Trentin I think could have given up his medal immediately for a warm bath. But Mads Pedersen had an inner glow heating him on the podium and was glorious in his success.

Mads Pedersen winning the world champs 2019

Trentin second

Küng third

Pedersen may not feel like a WORLD Champion, but all it takes is to be the best on the day, and this was his day. Now he has a year to prove it, and I wish him the very best in that endeavour.

Valgren sixth

9th Gorka Izagirre (Spain), 10th Rui Costa (Portugal) and 11th Sonny Colbrelli (Italy)

As we headed back to the media centre to finish up, I am thinking about this experience of my first World Championships, thank you Yorkshire, you are beautiful, if wet. For me I have met and interacted with less riders than usual, but I have met more people, colleagues from the area I want to work with, not in competition, but in harmony for a sport we love. I have been up close with my heroes of the cycling game and the photography game, and I hope to take this with me to my next races… which are not far away. I’m off to Italy this Friday for the beautiful Italian autumn classics.

Joyful Jakob Fuglsang

The emotions of Michael Valgren

Many congratulations to Mads Pedersen for the stamina to finish it off today, commiserations to Philippe Gilbert who I had money on as an absolute favourite without the misfortune of the day, and to Peter Sagan who had every chance to break records. And to the 200+ cyclists who gave it a bash on a day that most fans said, ‘f**k that it’s raining!’

Tell me thats it – Can we go and get warm please?

Next up for Heather is the Italian autumn one-day Classics – Keep it PEZ.

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