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BiKASE Launches Superband on Kickstarter

Let’s just say I get a lot more requests from people peddling the ‘next big thing’ on Kickstarter than I ever consider adding as ‘content’ worthy of our readers’ attention, but I do like the new Superband from Bikase.

The Bikase Superband is a multi-purpose storage system that attaches to almost any tube on your bike. It’s made of sturdy polycarbonate and engineered rubber ….unique 2 piece design with rigidity and stretch…. to hold your items securely. The spine is sturdy enough to provide shock-absorption – so your phone or pump won’t rattle, and the rubber straps stretch enough that it will hold items like rain jackets, tubes, tires and more.


It’s the brainchild of the guys from Bikase.com, – makers of some pretty smart on-bike storage ideas. They’re looking for funding right now to the tune of $5000 on Kickstarter (see the Kickstarter page here). Each Superband will cost $20 – and offer a chance to support a homegrown American small-business – which seems like a very good idea to me – and even better as shipping will be free within the USA.

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