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Cyclepassion 2015 Calendar: Behind the Scenes Video

Go behind the scenes for the making of the 2015 CyclePassion calendar in this video of the 10th edition of the calendar, which has presented the women of professional cycling in a most unexpected and pleasing perspective.

The new calendar features these athletes:
· Anneke Beerten (NL) MTB Downhill, Enduro
· Manon Carpenter (UK) MTB Downhill (World Champion MTB Downhill, 2014)
· Marion Rousse (FR) Road
· Myriam Nicole (UK) MTB Downhill
· Naima Diesner (GER) Road MTB CC
· Rebekka Markert (GER) MTB CC
· Sofia Wiedenroth (GER) MTB CC, Enduro
· Tahnée Searave (UK) MTB Downhill


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