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Is This the Coolest E-Bike Ever?

E-Bikes.., what the…?! Italian moto brand Moto Parilla (@ebikecarbon) showed how cool an e-bike can be with their simply named Carbon SUV E-Bike, designed for off-road and offered in two versions for $4900 or $6900.

This one caught my eye from the get go – maybe because it reminded me of my days as a schoolboy motocross racer, and maybe because it’s just so damn cool… When I stopped by to shoot some pics – the 4 Italian guys in the tiny booth were hunkered around their one table in heated discussion / debate about something – complete with waving arms and cell phones. So this video was all I got – but I figured it was worth a post anyway.

• Get more info at www.motoparilla.it/

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