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Klimatik Rain Vest Test

The PEZ Test-Sink pours on a torturous blast of water that would soak most normal kit – but Ale BikeWear’s Light Rain vest from the Klimatik line does an amazing job of repelling water from the outside, while allowing moisture (and sweat) vapors out from inside. Check out this test…

This Light Rain Vest is also part of my bigger review of the Klimatik line’s jersey & bibshorts, but the water-repellency of the vest (and rain jacket) are best demo’d with lots of tap water. Retail price is $175.

Get more info at the ALE BIKEWEAR Website.

If it’s not in a shop near you, contact the North American distributor directly, or pass this info onto your shop:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (+1) 813-261-5098

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