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As picked by you… and me ~.  Have you seen it yet – the PezCycling Youtube channel? I’ve logged over 225,000 video views, but we’re just getting started, and I’d love your help because I think there’s some great cycling videos in here. If you haven’t already – please take a look and maybe even join the hundreds before you who’ve already clicked “subscribe”… Let’s see if we can’t break that 1000 subscribers mark. Who’s with me…?

I’ve been busy adding videos to the plumped up PEZCycling Youtube channel – about 1 new video per week – covering off the same wide variety of fun topics and themes we built this site on. I start with “what’s cool in road cycling” and go from there… Not surprisingly, the gear review videos are the most viewed, but there’s so many other cool vids to watch – like snippets from some of the Top Rides and other travel destinations, to some unexpected food and drink ideas, interviews, and other stuff that’s connected to road cycling, but maybe not in ways you’d at first expect.

You may have seen some of the video in our posts here on the main site, or maybe on our Facebook or Instagram pages, but the real action is at the PEZCycling Youtube channel.

My ask here, is that you – Dear Readers – click on over to the PEZ Youtube channel and click the subscribe button. Then – also click that Bell button to be notified every time I post a new video – so you won’t miss out on whatever piece of riveting entertainment I throw your way.

Here’s what it looks like:

To get you started – I’ve selected my Editor’s Picks – a few of my own favorite videos that I’m happy to suggest as worth watching.

1. Marco Makes The Perfect Negroni at Barolino
This might be the very first video I posted, way back in 2011, after I finally got the chance to take Mrs. Pez to his bar in Levanto, Italy. While there are now hundreds of negroni videos out there, this one stands alone as a real-time account of how the coolest barista in Italy makes these drinks – with panache and kavorka. Listen closely because Marco’s commentary as he build the drinks is what really makes it…

2. The Peter Sagan Interview
You never know when these interviews will come together, and sometimes it’s hours of waiting for just a few precious minutes of chit chatm
and when the subject is three-time World Champ Peter Sagan, you better step up with at least one question he’s never been asked…

3. ARUNDEL Floor Pump 1: The PEZ Review
Another gear review – yes – but worth watching because this pump is worth knowing about.

4. PEZ Rides the Col du Galibier
I’ve been luck enough to take in a big list of road cycling’s top rides over the years, and on some of ’em I was smart enough to whip out the camera and shoot a little video. The climb to the summit of the Col du Galibier, was epic, the combination of distance, altitude and history here is pretty amazing. The snow at the top didn’t hurt either…

5. Pez Takes a Closer Look at the OttoLock Bicycle Lock
This is my most viewed video of all time – with over 28,000 views. It started out as a simple look at a pretty handy product – who couldn’t use a light, easy to transport lock that you ca tuck into your jersey, right? I find it amusing that so many of the comments are from non-believers and critics

There are over 100 videos on the channel, and I plan to keep ’em coming, so if you like anything you’ve seen, please go ahead and join the subscription list – I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.

Check out the PEZCycling Youtube channel here.

Thanks for reading & watching –

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