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Pre Vs Post Ride Coffee – What do Cyclists Prefer?

Coffee is a major part of the cycling culture. There’s no doubt about it. In fact, many cyclists jokingly say that if it wasn’t for a coffee they may not even ride at all! This sweet black nectar is not only a downright magnificent drink, it also brings our cycling friendship groups more closely together; it’s proven to stimulate our physiology to give us an extra boost; and it’s known by many as the ‘reward’ we can aim for either pre, during, or post ride. In other words, it gets people out there exercising!

Recently, I was posed and interesting statement regarding coffee from a good friend. It went as follows – “I’m starting to enjoy my pre-ride coffee more than my post ride coffee”, Bryan said.

“Say what?” I said subconsciously.

Watch the video:
Ironically, Lee Turner, who features in this video, doesn’t drink coffee!

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