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Giro’12 St.5: The PEZ Preview

Modena – Fano: Thursday’s Stage 5 should be noted for a couple of good reasons – 1. The flat finish could give Mark Cavendish some sweet revenge after being taken out in stage 3’s finale, and – 2. Fano is the home town of our own Ale Federico, who’s ready to welcome PEZ-fans with open arms…

What we like to say here is you have to come from the sea to see how good it is to live with us. If you come from the land you’ll meet us on the wrong side and you’ll miss the best we have. The Giro d’Italia will visit us on Thursday and is the first time the Giro comes straight into PEZ’s Italian Office; the finish line is about a mile from my house located in the harbor side, close to the fish boats that every morning leave with their powerful engines waking up everybody in the port neighborhood.

So, imagine you’re coming here, in the correct way, from the sea, on a fish-boat. You’ll need a warm drink, especially in the early morning, especially in the frozen winter mornings. The first time I came here I hate those cold foggy winter days, but now I must admit it’s the best season of the year – provided that the heating system works fine.

The port in front of the bar can anyway serve you the “moretta”, our warm coffee with the rum and a piece of lemon inside. If you come to watch the Giro, do not forget to ask for a “moretta” after a good fish dinner.

Ah, yes, the fish! There’s nothing better than to visit the fish market in the early morning. I go there every day, I feel it’s the only way to know which fish are really fresh. So that, when I find a good fresh “frog” I will not miss to buy it. In the same square, at the same time you can find the vegetable market and, on Wednesday and Saturday also the ordinary market with stuff of all kinds at reasonable price.

In these days the city of Fano is preparing for the big event of this spring: the Giro finish. Several shops have prepared with pink colours and now it’s just matter of wait few hours more. On the other side, on the beach, the big industry of the town – the tourism – is preparing the beach for the summer season. In July and in August you will not find a place free on the same beach that is now empty.

Me and my little baby Mario, are well prepared for both events, Giro and summer. The PEZ jersey doesn’t yet fit to his body but he is already riding a sort of bike for total beginners and his performances are not bad at all.

It’s since 1983 that the Giro last came here for a stage finish. That time was also one of the first stages of the Giro and Rosola, an Italian sprinter, won. Cycling has changed a lot in the years but I like to imagine that those guys in the 1983 were excited as we are now waiting the big day. Our small town will be on thousands of screens and we really would like to leave the best impression, but unfortunately, the Giro won’t arrive from the sea!

Mario and Ale are ready for the Giro!

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