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Navigators In Langkawi: The Burke Report 1

The Tour de Langkawi rolled out in the tropical heat of Malaysia today, and we’re stoked to have a man on the inside – Team Navigator’s Burke Swindlehurst will be reporting in as internet connections allow… His meeting with a pesky pachyderm seemed a fortuitous start.

PEZ-Mix: Berlin Six, Final Night

This is it - last night, three teams on equal laps with two teams with legitimate shots at the win. Politics won't govern this outcome - it's a night for pure racing with the intermediate sprints paramount. Ed Hood calls the story from the sidelines as always.

Qatar Stg4: Eisel Puffs Tornado

Today’s 144 km stage from Al Zubarah to Qatar Olympic Committee ran close to the sea most of the way. And finally, someone else won in Qatar! The linguistically talented Bernhard Eisel nicked both Boonen and Zabel for his first win of the season.

PEZ-Mix: Berlin Six, Day 5

On the second to last night the cream begins to rise to the top, riders weary, some defy politics to have their own revenge, and mechanics ripping at each others' throats. It's a good time to be had in Berlin, and once again, it's Edmond Hood smack dab in the middle.