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PEZ Previews: The 2008 Tour Of California

The route for the 2008 Tour of California was announced a few days ago, and the third incarnation of the ever bettering romp along the Left Coast could provide some even better racing than in years past - certainly tougher racing. PEZ takes a closer look with the help of California native and TOCA TT standout last year, Ben Jacques-Maynes.

Savouring Lombardia: Ale’s Look Back

Like any good Italian red, the flavours of Lombardia linger long after the glass is sipped. It's not just a super day of bike racing, its role as the finale of the Classics demands a savoured experience. As the sun sets on another season of bike racing, our indubitable romantic Alessandro takes us through his weekend…

Lombardia ’07: Looking Back PEZ-Style

Siena, Tuscany 06.45 Monday, sitting among the business men, bantering and drinking espresso before they head for their desks. As a wise man once said; "even if you win in the rat-race, you're still a rat!" My thoughts aren't of deals or euros, my head is still far north of here, in Lombardy.

Lombardia ’07: The Kid Rocks Como!

Damiano ‘Kid’ Cunego walked – and rode - like a man today in Como, handily outsprinting Saunier-Duval’s Ricardo Ricco to take top spot in the season-closing Race of the Falling Leaves. But with all the favorites together in the final kms, it was a true nail-biter and the zesty peppering of attacks made this one ‘molto caldo’…

Lombardia ’07: PEZ Drives La Corsa!

What's long and lumpy, hurts in the middle but feels great when it’s over? Okay – a lot of things might fill in that blank, but today we refer to the one and only Race of the Falling Leaves – The Giro di Lombardia. PEZ-Man Ed Hood took to the corsa Thursday for a closer look at what makes this Classic a true ‘classic’.

Lombardia 1905: Gerbi The “Red Devil”

The Giro di Lombardia was born in 1905, and Giovanni Gerbi – called the red devil – was the first winner. The story of his break – planned in a devilish way, and realized with so much strength – has become a well known legend, which has the taste of a fable both ingenious and malicious.

Emilia ’07: Finally Frank under the Arches!

He fell in love with this race two years ago on a rainy day in October when he lost the “Race of the Arches” to Gilberto Simoni. Finally, Frank Schleck won this beautiful race on a perfect sunny day of the Italian Fall. PEZ was there, and saw a lot more than just a bike race…

Lombardia ‘97 Retro: Let’s Make A Deal!

It’s Lombardia Week on PEZ! One of our favorite times of the year – when hard bike racing, a beautiful corsa, and fine Italian food and wine set the stage for the season’s last big race. Our Italian correspondent Ale Federico gets us started with his replay of the 1997 edition, where the outcome was enough to makes cynics of us all.

ParisTours’07: Ale! Ale! Ale!

After an action packed day of racing with multitudes of different breaks and a swing for the fences end of the race high powered move - it all came down to a free-for-all bunch sprint on the Avenue de Grammont, the race lived up to its nickname as the Alpe D'Huez for Sprinters today, and what better sprinter than one Alessandro Petacchi?