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Ireland’07 St.2 – Inside With Evan

Ed Hood catches up with our man in the DFL squad, Evan Oliphant. Apparently, it’s not nearly as glamorous as you may think being a pro. Let’s see how Stage 2 went for Evan and DFL. Read on…

PEZ: Evan, how-come I couldn’t get you on the cell phone at 8.30 like we agreed?

Evan: The hotel is a disaster! They said that they wouldn’t serve dinner until absolutely everyone from every team was seated, that’s impossible with guys getting massage at different times. We’ve been sitting in the dining room from 7.30 pm until 9.30 pm. The food was good, but not worth that wait; it go to the stage that we were just grabbing anything – if it was food, we ate it! I had three starters, one maiin course and two rice puddings!

PEZ: Tell us about the stage.

Evan: It was 166 K from Clonakilty to Kilarney with one first, two second and two third cat climbs. The field split in two, 50 up the road and 50, including me, at 26 minutes. A young guy from CSC won the stage (Matti Breschel) and Vandenbergh still leads. It was his fault today was so crazy! He punctured – normally everyone waits if the yellow jersey punctures, but five guys attacked and went-up the road, then another five and so-on, it just went mad. Unibet managed to get Vandenbergh up the road too, so half the field was up the road, driving and the other half just pedalled-in.

PEZ: A good day for DFL?

Evan: Dan Lloyd was seventh and we had another three in the front half, so yes, a better day for us.

PEZ: What’s the boss saying (DS, Eric Vanderaerden)?

Evan: He thought that a little group would be allowed to go today because the yellow jersey is ten minutes clear, that would take the pressure off Unibet, but obviously he couldn’t have predicted what was going to happen. I was on the attack early-on, before the big split and you could hear the Unibet guys shouting to let the break go. Eric was telling us that race radio isn’t the best in terms of the informatiom that is getting passed, today he had no ideas that it had split so dramatically and he had four riders up-front.

PEZ: Aren’t the Irish guys desperate to show?

Evan: Yes, O’Loughlin was up the road with me this morning, but there were so many guys chasing that we couldn’t get away; then Vandenbergh punctured.

PEZ: What about tomorrow?

Evan: It’s the longest stage at 190 kilometres, but it’s not really hilly. The wind will be thing tomorrow, that could cause splits. I want to go on the attack tomorrow, I’m so-far down now on GC that I’m no threat. I’m usually not bad at getting the gap, but the problem is, that there are so many guys who will be thinking the same as me. It’s possible too, that we could get Dan into the top ten, one of the guys who was in the ten man break yesterday, missed the split today, so top ten is certainly possible for Dan after today. We haven’t had the team meet for tomorrow yet, we have it after breakfast, Eric says he doesn’t like to stress us before we go to bed!

Pez: Talking of bed, who do you room with, and does he snore?

Evan: Hamish Haynes (British elite champ in 2006 and bronze medallist, behind David Millar in 2007) and yes, he does snore sometimes – but if he does, he gets a kick! That stops him!

As-always, ‘only on PEZ!’ We’ll be back with more exclusives, from the Emerald Isle tomorrow.

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