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GentSix’09: All Good Things Come To An End

And here we are - the final night of racing in one of the finest racing venues on the planet. It might not be the prettiest, the cleanest, or possess even a comfortable temperature - when it comes to atmosphere and spectacular bike racing though, you just can't do better than the racing on Gent's track. It's the Alpe d'Huez of Six Days. Come join us one more time in Gent as Ed takes us trackside for the finale.

GentSix’09: Setting The Stage For Drama

The Gent Six has come and gone, and it was a thriller. It might be done on the news and in the stands, but it ain't done here: Ed Hood takes us back into the fray, where the crowd deafens, the sweat pours, and legends are made. Let's head back on into the infamous Kuipke for some of the best racing of 2009.

GentSix’09: The Beer Flows, The Riders Fly

Michael throws Alex in, the change is good, he's flying - it's the 500 metre time trial; Iljo and Roger Kluge have posted 27.83, fastest of the night, will it stand ? Alex breaks the beam 27.3 - wow! Kris hands me Michael's Saxo Bank hat for the presentation; I trot round, as I pass the big score board, I glance up; "BEST TIME: Keisse and Kluge 27.83" it flashes - huh ?

GentSix’09: The Party Starts

It's 23:10 and most sensible folks are in bed, or at least thinking about it. But not here; the dernys drone, the PA is way into 'harmful' territory, the flow of pils shows no signs of easing off, the disco music pumps - Kim Wilde's 'Kids in America' as the tumble drier works over time to dry jerseys soaked with sweat in the humid air of the Kuipke velodrome - welcome to the 69th Gent Six Day.

Six Days Belgium Style: Gent Six

"When you see the track, you think, no way, I can't ride that ! it's too small !" and that's from world madison champion, Michael Morkov. Ed Hood is once again in the trenches doing the dirty work. Before he got started with his job, he took look at the Gent Six and what we can expect over the next 1,2,3,4,5,6 nights of full-on racing.

Off-Season PEZ: Racing With The Stars In Curacao

We've said it before; if the stars are out, Pez won't be far away. The recent Amstel exhibition race on the Caribbean island of Curaзao, was contested by the likes of Mark Cavendish and Thor Hushovd - with Alberto Contador running out as winner. American Patrick Lyons was on the scene, mingling and racing with the stars. Here's what he had to say...

PEZ Gets Muddy: USGP Weekend In New Jersey

Here at PEZ, we adore the mud-filled fun of the cyclocross season, but it's an all too rare event to be able to cover the racing like we do during the road season. This past weekend, ace photographer, Darrell Parks, made the trip up to New Jersey to shoot Rounds 5 and 6 of the USGP Cyclocross Series. Read on!

Giro 2010 Up Close: The Hellacious Final Week

The first fourteen stages of the 2010 Giro d'Italia are going to be the standard, delicious Giro fare. The final final seven days are going to be the stuff of exquisite cuisine, of the likes we'll be making mention of for years to come. PEZ takes a closer look at the decisive final week centered around the northern reaches of Italy.

Grenoble’09: Marvellous Marvulli Tallies #5!

Four nights down, two to go. The racing was hot in Grenoble, the sideshows, arguably, just as hot. Edmond Hood was on the scene, working hard, making money, and making sure we get the best view possible at one of the six day season's most unique events. Read on!