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The Air Force Cycling Classic In Pictures

Each year, the weekend of the Clarendon Cup and the Crystal City Classic combines to make for a fantastic two days of racing with some of America’s best teams represented, and a lot of money up for grabs for the victors. 2011 was no different, but it was one time that showed itself head and shoulders above all others: UnitedHealthcare presented by Maxxis.

Photography by Darrell Parks – www.darrellparks.com –

Saturday’s Clarendon Cup was a 100 kilometer affair on a figure eight course = a lot of laps and a lot of hurt.

The decisive break went early. It included two UnitedHealthcare riders, Adrian Hegyvary and Hilton Clarke, as well as Exergy’s Carlos Alzate.

The technical course always serves up some crashes – Mountain Khakis’ Adam Myerson made it through this one just fine though.

Adrian Hegyvary was the big motor in the break, and it wasn’t long before the group found the back end of the main field. The lap was theirs.

Numerous teams tried to break the UHC dominance at the front, including Mountain Khakis, but there was nothing to be done.

It was all UHC, all the time.

Reid Mumford gave it a go…

…but no dice.

Clarke’s win was a formality. UHC put five in the top ten, while Alzate’s sizzling form from Philly continued with a second place.

Clarendon Cup Results
1 Hilton Clarke (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) 2:16:36
2 Carlos Alzate (Team Exergy)
3 Adrian Hegyvary (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)
4 Robert Forster (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)
5 Karl Menzies (United Healthcare Pro Cycling)
6 Alexey Shmiidt (Team Type I-Sanofi Aventis)
7 Luke Keough (Team Mountain Khakis p/b SmartStop)
8 Martijn Vershoor (Team Type I-Sanofi Aventis)
9 Jake Keough (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)
10 Patrik Moren (Amore-Vita)

Crystal City Classic
The next day’s race, the Crystal City Classic, is on a friendlier, 2k loop, but all that meant was a monster motorpace session from the UHC boys.

Attacks were prevalent and constant, resulting in a long, stretched out field.

The aggressive race threatened to explode, but there was nothing doing against a determined UHC team, intent on keeping it together.

USPRO Crit Champion, Daniel Holloway, safe in the field.

When the appropriate time came, at around 10 laps (20k) to go, UHC came to the front, and there they stayed.

Former multi-time USPRO Champion, Freddie Rodriguez, was active at the front.

Attack? What attacks? UHC gobbled everything up.

In the sprint, it was a mad dash for the line for the men in blue – they ended up 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th.

It was Jake Keough who took the win on the line over yesterday’s winner, Hilton Clarke.

UnitedHealthcare had a pretty decent weekend, no?

1st and 2nd was good enough to secure Clarke the omnium victory as well.

Crystal City Classic Results
1 Jake Keough (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) 1:20:45
2 Hilton Clarke (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)
3 Robert Forster (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)
4 Aldo Ino Ilesic (Team Type I-Sanofi Aventis)
5 Karl Menzies (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)
6 Carlos Alzate (Team Exergy)
7 Alexey Shmidt (Team Type I-Sanofi Aventis)
8 Luke Keough (Team Mountain Khakis p/b SmartStop)
9 Roman Van Uden (Pure Black)
10 Mical Smit Larsen (Denmark National Team)

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