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Tour of America’s Dairyland’17 St.3

Women Pro 1/2- Giro di Grafton
The theme for tonight was money, money, money–culminating in a $1500 Belgianwerx Super Prime. Tonight’s course was one of the longer crits at approximately .9 miles. Due to this longer and wider course none of the riders took over at the front for the majority of the race.

– Written by: Paul Warlowski @pwarlowski –

With eight laps the field was together until the $1500 Super Prime was announced. The pace ramped up quickly and Coryn Rivera found herself in the money followed closely by Skylar Schneider. With one lap to go the pack was back together and teams moved into position for the finish: Papa John’s, ISCorp and HBS. Going full throttle out of the final corner on the long sprint finish it was Rebecca Wiasack (Fearless Femmes) 1st, Rivera 2nd and Sam Schneider 3rd. Lizzie Williams from HBS hung onto the Omnium Leader jersey. ISCorp once again secured the team omnium.

Men Pro 1/2
The men’s race also offered up big payola, with an announced $1000 plus in a single prime. The race opened with the pack holding together, only small attacks to get things going. The race got interesting at 24 laps to go when Eamon Lucas (Crit Life) chased down a $200 prime. From there it was a series of primes and attacks that splintered and eventually strung out the field. The big $1500 payout went to Brandon Feehery (Crit Life) as his barreling pace blew apart the field.

With two laps to go the Crit Life train lined up with other teams in hot pursuit. The 500-meter sprint finish—one of the longest at ToAD—was just what Stradalli Cycle/Safetti needed to lead out Florenz Knauer for win number two! Daniel Holloway (Texas Roadhouse) crossed the line in second and Francesco Chicchi (Crit Life) rounded out the podium in third. With his win, Knauer took over the Omnium Leader jersey. Stradalli Cycle/Safetti claimed the Team Omnium for the third night in a row.

• See full race results here.

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