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Harrogate - GBR - wielrennen - cycling - cyclisme - radsport - Dygert Chloe (USA / SHO Air -Twenty20) pictured during World Championships - Women Elite - ITT - from Harrogate to Harrogate (30,3KM) - Photo: SWPics/Cor Vos © 2019

WORLDS’19: Men U23 & Women ITT

Worlds Race Report: Day 2 of the World time trials saw the under 23 men and the women take on a very wet Yorkshire course. There were crashes due to the water on the road, but the top riders were not put off from riding their best. Mikkel Bjerg of Denmark and USA’s Chloe Dygert took the rainbow jerseys.

2nd Anna van der Breggen at over 1:20

World’s Women Time Trial Championship
Annemiek van Vleuten failed in becoming the women’s World time trial champion for the third consecutive year. The Dutchwoman was dethroned by an impressive ride from Chloe Dygert, who was in a class of her own on the treacherous course in and around Harrogate. Anna van der Breggen captured the silver, Van Vleuten had to settle for bronze.

The rain really fell today in Yorkshire, making the under 23 time trial more like synchronised swimming. The conditions for the elite women, a few hours later, was slightly better but the road surface was still slippery.

Former champ, Lisa Brennauer was 10th

The top favourite, Van Vleuten, could expect competition from fellow country-women Anna van der Breggen and Lucinda Brand, plus from the young American Chloé Dygert Owen. Noura Alomairi was the first to start the woman’s World time trial championship, but due the weather it was half an hour later than originally scheduled. The UCI and the organising committee decided that the riders would start at 1 minute intervals, with the aim of keeping to the original timetable. In addition, there were extra warnings on dangerous parts of the course.

Dygert impresses
Belarusian Alena Amialiusik soon managed to catch a few riders on the way to the top time at the intermediate point. Amialiusik set a very fast time, but there was still many more rider to come.

Dygert – By far the best on the day

The 22-year-old Dygert is in good form and she showed it on the treacherous course. Thanks to a fast start, she soon managed to pass Brennauer, a former world champion against the clock. Dygert was also on her way to improve Amialiusik’s time, and the difference turned out to be in favour of the young American by a minute and a half, with a time of 18:58.

No third title for Annemiek van Vleuten

American blows away the competition
In the meantime Lucinda Brand, Anna van der Breggen and title defender Van Vleuten had also started their test. The three Dutch-women had to come close to the top time of Dygert. However, this turned out to be too much for Brand, who managed to capture bronze at the previous European Championship in Alkmaar, as she was nearly two minutes slower than the American after 14.2 kilometres.

Anna van der Breggen – Best Dutch rider

Van der Breggen, who won silver behind Van Vleuten in Innsbruck last year, also didn’t come close to Dygert’s time. In fact, the reigning world champion had lost more than 1 minute, so she could forget a first world title against the clock. Amber Neben, Marlen Reusser and Lisa Klein also lost a lot of time at the intermediate point.

Superior Dygert takes gold
By this point it was just a case of waiting for the top favourite, Van Vleuten. The two-time World champion was certainly not riding a bad time trial, but the Mitchelton-Scott rider turned out to be more than 1 minute slower than an impressive Dygert, who managed to humiliate the competition on the soaked course in Yorkshire. Dygert crossed the finish line after 42:11, making it three minutes faster than early leader Amialiusik.

Dygert at the finish

Out on the course there was still a battle for the other medals. Van der Breggen managed to win the silver thanks to a strong ride, while Van Vleuten had to settle for the bronze.

Dygert had to wait in the hot seat

World champion, Chloe Dygert (USA): “From now on I will focus on the Tokyo Olympic Games. I was very prepared for this time trial. I am very happy with the result. I have been training a lot in recent weeks with Kristin Armstrong. I worked quietly towards this World championships after I suffered a concussion last year. It is very special to wear the rainbow jersey. I want to thank all the people who believe in me. I live in Washington, where the weather is often bad. I knew that the other riders were a bit scared. I made the best of it.”

World’s Women Time Trial Championship Result:
1. Chloe Dygert (USA) in 42:11
2. Anna van der Breggen (Netherlands) at 1:32
3. Annemiek van Vleuten (Netherlands) at 1:53
4. Amber Leone Neben (United States) at 2:38
5. Lisa Klein (Germany) at 2:41
6. Marlen Reusser (Switzerland) at 3:02
7. Leah Thomas (USA) at 3:13
8. Lucinda Brand (Netherlands) at 3:16
9. Alena Amialiusik (Belarus) at 3:18
10. Lisa Brennauer (Germany) at 3:20.

World’s U23 Men Time Trial Championship
Denmark’s Mikkel Bjerg won the U23 time trial title for the third time. In heavy rain the Danish rider was by far the strongest. The defending champion was joined on the podium by US duo, Ian Garrison and Brandon McNulty. His countryman, Mathias Norsgaard Jorgensen was 4th.

Third rainbow jersey for Mikkel Bjerg

During the race against the clock, the rain was pouring from the sky. For the first riders this did not cause any major problems, but as the time trial progressed more and more riders were having problems with standing water on the course. The many puddles caused various crashes, Attila Valter and Johan Price-Pejtersen both fell in a spectacular fashion.

10th Daan Hoole – Stunning bike

And it didn’t stop there. Daan Hoole, Juri Hollmann, Ilan Van Wilder, Brandon McNulty all flirted with a crash along the way, even more riders had to deal with mechanical malfunctions. It is evident that the result would have been different without these extreme circumstances.

5th Brent Van Moer

The American Ian Garrison was one of the early starters, after 40:46 he crossed the line in Harrogate to take the hot seat. Garrison watched the chances of the other riders fall to the wayside like the rain on the course. Garrison’s countryman, McNulty, was close, but finished 2 seconds short.

3rd place for Brandon McNulty

The intermediate times of Bjerg, the best U23 rider in the World time trial championship for the past two years, stormed round the course. Bjerg finished 26 seconds faster than Garrison.

2nd Ian Garrison

World champion, Mikkel Bjerg (Denmark): “I heard five minutes before the start that there were large puddles on the road. My coach eventually directed me through the difficult turns and puddles. His advice: Keep your front wheel and go full speed. I am very happy, although this was the most difficult World championship to win. I had put a lot of pressure on myself, I had to win, otherwise it would not have been a successful championship. I feel pretty bad right now. I’m even a bit dizzy. The goal is also to become the World time trial champion with the pros.”

Mikkel Berg gave it everything

World’s U23 Men Time Trial Championship Result:
1. Mikkel Bjerg (Denmark) in 40:20
2. Ian Garrison (USA) at 0:26
3. Brandon McNulty (USA) at 0:28
4. Mathias Norsgaard Jorgensen (Denmark) at 0:37
5. Brent Van Moer (Belgium) at 0:43
6. Morten Hulgaard (Denmark) at 0:56
7. Nils Eekhoff (Netherlands) at 1:01
8. Byron Munton (South Africa) at 1:27
9. Markus Wildauer (Austria) at 1:38
10. Daan Hoole (Netherlands) at 1:46.

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