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Readers’ Rigs

Readers’ Rigs: Swift Ultravox TI

Today's Readers' Rig comes all the way from Australia and is a brand that many may not have heard of before, Swift. That could all change soon though with the likes of the Drapac Pro team racing them - including to a stage victory at the recent Tour Down Under. With bikes in the pro peloton and in the amateurs like our reader Andrew's pink stunner the name is sure to get known.

Top Shop: DMP Bikes Netherlands

'Not Your Average Bike Shop' certainly sums up DMP Bikes in the Netherlands well as they are far from average. In fact they only sell bikes that they design and hand build themselves all in their unique, state of the art workshop that is built inside a classic Victorian industrial building from 1925. PEZ fan Harry is a customer there and he wrote in to tell us more.

Top Shop: Velo Classique

We love our local bike shop here at PEZ but sometimes, just once in a while you might come across a shop that is so different, unique and just plain cool that it makes your LBS look boring. It was from here that our new series of Not Your Average Bike Shop was born with first up being Velo Classique from Virginia USA.

Readers’ Rigs: Hollands Pairing

Today in Readers' Rigs we have a two for one special with two friends that go way back in cycling. They've shared many experiences on the road including completing the RAAM together in 1992 on Hollands custom steel rigs. Their love of their Hollands continues today with both still riding Hollands bikes - although they're two quite different machines.

Readers’ Rigs: A Canadian Fleet

A Readers' Rig could be anything from a modern classic to a vintage steely, a lightweight carbon or more - but why not all of the above? Canadian PEZ fan, Jim has 4 bikes that easily qualify as Readers' Rigs so we decided to feature all four - a Trek 5200, a Colnago C50, a 1988 Marinoni Special and a Guru Photon.

Readers’ Rigs: Pink And Loud!

Today's Readers' Rig is a track and Cannondale inspired custom aluminium ride from San Francisco that embodies all that Readers' Rigs is about - cool machines that bring their owners fun every day of the year - It's Readers' Rigs time!

Writers’ Rigs: Stevo’s Ritchey Break-Away

Dr. Stephen Cheung is our resident sports scientist and a man that we're all jealous of with his worldwide 'work' trips as he continues his scientific journey through life. Combining travel with transporting a bicycle made his choice of rig easy - a steel Ritchey Break-Away that's travelled with Steve on some amazing experiences. Here's their tale...

Readers’ Rigs: California Dreaming

The State of California is home to an impressive 1 out of every 8 Americans but an even more impressive - 2 out of 2 readers in today's Readers' Rigs! These two readers have two very different bikes but one very big thing in common - a pure love for their machine.

Writers’ Rigs: Pez’s Bianchi 928

Readers' Rigs is a great look at what PEZ fans are riding but what about the PEZ himself - what does he ride? Between bike tests, product trials and lends from friends it changes constantly but back in 2006 he built up a bike of his own that remains one of his favorite rides.