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Readers’ Rigs

Readers’ Rig: Paul’s Cinelli 1963 Supercorsa

After reading about a classic bike restoration here on PEZ, Paul from Oregon couldn't help but perform a resto of his own. His weapon of choice is this 1963 Cinelli Supercorsa that thanks to some fine restoration looks just as fine as the day it was sold over half a century ago.

Readers’ Rig: Tommasini Diamante

Let's step back in time for a look at a classic machine from Italy decked out in Italy's finest Campagnolo C-Record of the era - a Tommasini Diamante. From Italy to North Carolina to the International pages of Pez, it's Readers' Rigs time.

Readers’ Rig: Lotus Supreme 1985

Today's Readers' Rig machine is possibly a record breaker for this column. No it's not the fastest, not the prettiest and certainly not the lightest machine we've had featured but this Lotus Supreme is quite possibly the longest owned rig being bought by owner Mario way back in 1985 and ridden almost daily since.

PAIN CAVE: Inside Leslie’s Personal Torture Den

We live in an era where indoor cycling has collided with the greatest pandemic since Spanish Influenza. PezCycling News has invited readers to tell us about your bikes in Readers' Rigs, so now is the ideal time to reflect on indoor training and your own Pain Caves. Here is a first contribution from Leslie Reissner, our Literary Editor.