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Readers’ Rigs: A 1989 Greg Lemond Fixie

Today’s Readers’ Rig is from Florida and is a real Classic – A 1989 Greg Lemond. Over the years it has been shod with gears, but now the proud owner, Jeff Ogen, has gone ‘fixie’ on his steel steed. Campagnolo still plays a big part in Jeff’s pride and joy.

Name: Jeff Ogen
Location: Seminole, Florida
Bike: 1989 Greg Lemond
Groupset: Campagnolo very mixed
Wheels: Campagnolo Proton
Pedals: Look Keo
Saddle: Bontrager
Other: Campagnolo titanium seatpost, 3ttt bars and stem
Weight: 22 lbs.

When did you buy it?

What made you choose this bike?
Huge Greg Lemond fan.

Have you done any modifications/additions to it?
No mods to the frame. It has had several Campy groups on it, from Chorus 8 speed, then 9 speeds. I have used mono-plainer Chorus brakes (best brakes ever made), then Deltas, now Veloce brakes. The record crank-set has been on it most of its life, been through heck.

How many miles/kilometers do you do a year?
About 2000-3000 miles/year.

What do you love about this bike?
It’s smooth as can be, loves to turn, very stable at high speeds.

Favorite riding area?
New England back roads.

Favorite riding experience on your bike?
Back in the day, some of my riding buddies were 200 lbs, and had no fear of 50mph speeds. Mountain road in North Granby ended with a slope that was easy to hit 50 mph, not too hard to get to 55, and 60mph once. Life is very focused at that speed. The LeMond was very confident and stable going fast. The Mt Greylock Century was also a great ride, with 10,000 ft of climbing. Every hill was several miles up, and the descents were just as long. Of course it rained for most of it.

Future upgrades?
No upgrades planned, but if I can get those mono-plainer Chorus brakes again…

Last words?
I’ve worked as a mechanic in a lot of bike shops, so I’ve had the chance to ride hundreds of different bikes. I’ve often been jealous of other peoples bikes, but I happy to own a bike that is on my top-ten list of best bikes. I’ve had 24 road bikes, 70 total in my life, and they come and go, but this one will stay with me.

# Photos by Brian Jackson form the Bikery in St. Pete.

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