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Readers’ Rigs: Cannondale Supersix Evo Hi-Mod Disc

Today’s rig is a Cannondale Supersix Evo Hi-Mod Disc that has already had a number of upgrades performed and has also well and truly convinced its Californian owner, Nick of the advantages of owning a disc braked road machine.


Name: Nick Fernandez
Location: Camarillo, California
Bike: Cannondale Supersix Evo Hi-Mod Disc
Groupset: Dura-Ace Di2 9070 w/ ST-R785 levers
Wheels: ENVE SES 4.5 AR
Pedals: Speedplay Zero – Titanium
Saddle: Fabric – Scoop Ultimate
Other: Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless
Weight: 7.262kg

When did you buy it?
December, 2016.

What made you choose this bike?
I’ve been really eager to try disc brakes. Having ridden carbon braking surface wheels in the past, I wanted more confidence on long down hills without the worry of overheating a non-metalic surface. Riding in the rain isn’t something you can count on in Southern California, but having the extra stopping power and confidence in the Santa Monica Mountains makes for a great riding experience. Choosing the Evo specifically was done out of habit, mostly. My previous bike was a 2015 Supersix Evo Hi-Mod and Cannondale really did a great job with geometry and ride quality as it pertains to the frame quality and design; I wanted to enhance what I was already accustomed to.

The sleek lines of the front and rear of Nick’s Cannondale

Although your bike is pretty much new have you done any modifications/additions to it?
The bike itself is hardly stock having replaced everything but the frame, brakes, and seat post. What’s been done:

* Replaced Hollowgram wheel set with ENVE SES 4.5 AR wheels w/ DT 240 Hubs

* Replaced OEM Aluminum bar/stem with ENVE bar (42cm) and stem (110mm)

* Replaced SI cranks with SISL2

* Replaced Ultegra RD/FD-6850 with DA RD/FD-9070

* Replaced Ultegra with DA 11-28T cassette



How many miles/kilometers do you do a year?
In 2016 I had logged a solid 5,000 miles (exactly). I’m hoping for the same or more in 2020.

What do you love about this bike?
I love the way it handles and just screams at me to go faster. The introduction of disc brakes added about 0.5kg from my 2015 Evo, but I don’t notice the extra weight climbing or sprinting. This bike is laterally stiff when standing up but flexes enough when called upon in tight situations. In the flats, these wheels being as wide as they are (measures a hair shy of 32mm when inflated) with 28mm tires and at 68psi roll extremely well; they’re very fast!


Favorite riding area?
Ventura County area of California.

Favorite riding experience on your bike?
Getting caught in the rain and not having to worry about losing braking power!

Future upgrades?
DA ST-R9170 Brake upgrade.

Last words?
This bike is comfortable, fast, and begs for more in seemingly all scenarios. I was anxious (and a bit worried) to try such a wide wheel configuration with tubeless tires but this thing flies. The wide set up handles very well and has no issues rolling up, or down, gradients. Going tubeless has also been pleasant and very easy to get used to.


Thanks to Nick for sharing his ride with us and for being the first reader ever to claim that getting caught in the rain as being his favorite ride! Got a bike that you’re proud of? Well how about sharing it with fellow PEZ fans and getting it featured in Readers’ Rigs so we can all stare at it! Send a Readers’ Rigs submission direct to [email protected] and your bike could be featured in all its glory here on the pages of PEZ.

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