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Readers’ Rigs: Falco Custom Ti

Many of us ride Chinese made bikes but not many of us actually bought them in China like today’s Reader, Phillip from Australia. Whilst working and living in Shanghai Phillip decided to get himself a custom titanium ‘Falco’ that he is now enjoying back home on the country roads of Victoria, Australia.

Name: Phillip Paton
Location: Bendigo Australia
Bike: Falco custom Ti – machined head tube, tapered top tube, custom geometry
Groupset: Mostly Chorus with 180mm super record cranks
Wheels: TUFF Elite 55/65mm full carbon clinchers with 20/24 spokes (2:1 on the rear which is why I got those hubs instead of something lighter)
Pedals: Expedo thrust Mg pedals – to match the red theme of the bike
Saddle: Specialized
Other: Brakes and tuning kit from Far and Near
Weight: just under 8.5kg ready to ride. I think the weight is ok for somebody my height and size.

When did you buy it?
2014 while working/living in Shanghai. While working there I decided to get a road bike again and found “Falco” would do a reasonably priced custom ti frame. It has a short top tube and long head tube for my lack of flexibility, and a relaxed seat tube to suit my long legs. The top tube is tapered to be larger at the head tube. The handling is very neutral, and certainly not as stiff and explosive as the Cannondale System 6 I sold when I moved to Shanghai (I regret selling it…) but still enough for my wattage.

What made you choose this bike?
“Reasonably” priced custom geometry Ti frame to suit my long legs and poor flexibility.

What modifications/additions have you done?
Custom spec, but I tuned the derailleurs etc. Recently added a CF seat post

What components are you running?
I kitted it out with NOS Campagnolo 11 speed and light weight CNCed brakes… Shanghai is fairly flat so I wasn’t too concerned with having to brake hard and long. I then also blinged it up a bit with matching red jockey wheels and bolt kit. Mostly Chorus but I managed to get the 180cm Super record cranks cheaper than “normal” record.

How many miles/kilometers do you do a year?
After traveling a lot for the past year I’m just getting my fitness back. My target is 5000km per year.

What do you love about this bike?
The geometry was specced by me, the components picked by me, its just all about what I wanted!

Favorite riding area?
I used to ride a lot in the Dandenong hills east of Melbourne Australia, and King Lake area north of Melbourne. But now I enjoy riding the roads and trails around Bendigo which is a few hours north west of Melbourne.

Favorite riding experience on your bike?
Probably what I’m most proud of is doing the 2009 Alpine Classic – 200km in one day around the ski areas of Victoria Australia. Considerable amount of climbing, but back then I was also considerably lighter than I am now.

Future upgrades?
I’m having issues keeping the Super Record cranks tight. The bolt holding the two halves of the axle together keeps coming loose every few rides allowing free play between the cranks. Might have to find an alternative that is more robust for my weight. I would also love to upgrade to a red Chris King headset.

Last words?
The bike is built strong to take my weight (I’m tall and well out of shape, specially for a cyclist) – but by riding it more I hope to take some of the strain of it and myself!

Thanks to Phillip for sharing his ride with us. Got a bike that you’re proud of? Well how about sharing it with fellow PEZ fans and getting it featured in Readers’ Rigs so we can all stare at it! Send us a Readers’ Rigs submission direct to [email protected] and your bike could be featured in all its glory here on the pages of PEZ.

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