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Readers’ Rigs: Ridley Helium SL

Today’s Readers’ Rig is a large Ridley Helium SL decked out in retro Belgian Lotto team colors. This addition to reader Steve’s stable, is well and truly loved.


Name: Steve Winyard
Location: Ewing New Jersey, USA
Bike: Ridley Helium SL
Groupset: Campagnolo Chorus
Wheels: Zipp 303
Pedals: Look Keo Ti spindles
Saddle: Prologo nack
Other: Rotor 175 cranks no Q solid ring, Zipp post bars and stem. Garmin GPS
Weight: 18 lb (8.1kg)

When did you buy it?
January 2016. Slane Cycles. Awesome bike shop, great folk.

What made you choose this bike?
Bought the frame and I love the Belgium retro look. I’ve owned too many black bikes!


What modifications/additions have you done?
Built this bike from frame up with teflon cables and the Campy Chorus gruppo. The Rotor cranks are a good addition too – nice and stiff.

How many miles/kilometers do you do a year?
About 3000 miles training hard and I’ve entered all the Giordana Grandfondo series for 2016.


What do you love about this bike?
The bike is stiff so great for climbing. Geometry is pretty tight so its a very easy bike to push the limits on. Having the 175 cranks and a 58 big ring is great on the flat once you get them turning!

Favorite riding area?
Favorite riding area is around my home area Yardley, Stockton PA. Enough hills to make it challenging. My ultimate is to do one of the in Gamba tours in Italy one day.

Favorite riding experience on your bike?
Not actually on this bike but over the last four years I’ve lost over 180 lbs (81kg) thanks to riding and I weigh in these days at 220lbs (100kg) for my 6ft 4 (193cm) frame.


Future upgrades?
Probably a powermeter and a spare set of 202 Zipps

Last words?
See you on the road! Thanks to Pez for letting me share my bike.


Thanks to Steve for sharing his ride with us. Got a bike that you’re proud of? Well how about sharing it with fellow PEZ fans and getting it featured in Readers’ Rigs so we can all stare at it! Contact Chris direct at [email protected] and your bike could be featured in all its glory here on the pages of PEZ.

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