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Top Shop: DMP Bikes Netherlands

‘Not Your Average Bike Shop’ certainly sums up DMP Bikes in the Netherlands well as they are far from average. In fact they only sell bikes that they design and hand build themselves all in their unique, state of the art workshop that is built inside a classic Victorian industrial building from 1925. PEZ fan Harry is a customer there and he wrote in to tell us more.

Store Name: DMP Bikes (Dutch Made Precision Bikes)

Location: The store is located in Oisterwijk, which is a rather small village in the south of the Netherlands.


When did it first open?
Chris van der Gaag started his business about 4 years ago. Nice story is that he wanted to buy a racing bike himself with a strong and comfortable frame, but had a lot of trouble to find it. He then decided to build it himself and made a dream come through: he made a business out of it.

The man behind DMP, Chris van der Gaag

How did you find it?
I was looking for a new bike and wanted to buy something different than the mainstream bikes on offer these days. I used to have a steel bike many years ago and was always pleased with its comfort but the old frames were also soft and weak. I now came to know that the new steel frames are stiff and agile, yet comfortable.

Looking online I discovered Chris’ website www.synusfietsen.nl and once I met Chris, I knew he was the guy to build my new racingbike: an expert on steel, a cyclist himself and very precise in designing and developing the bike.

Mr Precise….

How long have you been going there?
I am customer of DMPBikes for over two years now.

What makes it different from other shops?
For me, DMPBikes is different because of the dedicated craftsmanship, the materials they use and the underlying evidence of its strenghts, sustainability and comfort. And the unlimited service that Chris and Karin give too!

Harry already has a DIVO road bike and has just asked Chris to build a bike for him for a once in a lifetime trip through the Himalayas in 2015.

Any interesting characters working there?
Sure! Inspired people that have great capabilities are certainly interesting. So Chris and Karin are just like that. And they are very nice too. I don’t feel myself treated as a customer but more like a partner in the development of another adventurous, well-fitting and fully-customized bike.

DMP designs and builds all custom bikes from city bikes…

to roadies….

to fixies and anything in between.

One item in there that you’d love to own yourself?
Wow! Difficult question! Wait, wait, now I know: I would like to own the smell of the shop: the smell of new tyres, oil, mixed with the smell of the welding process and fresh coffee!


Best thing about the shop?
I cannot decide to just name one best thing. So I would say: good materials, attractive designs, unlimited possibilities and very good people.

Check out this special build that Chris did for another customer. A custom rig to match his customized DS3 Citroen.



Ed’s Note: Chris would like to thank Harry for being such a great customer and writing in to PEZ and also his suppliers KVA Stainless who provide all the tubes for his DMP creations.

Thanks to Harry for taking us inside this cool looking shop. You can check out Chris at www.synusfietsen.nl for more. Do you have a favorite bike shop that’s just a bit different from you average LBS? Or maybe you were on holidays one time and saw an amazing shop that you wished was your LBS? If you have some pics and a story to share with fellow Pez fans about an interesting bike shop then send them through to [email protected] and your favorite hang out could be the next PEZ, Top Shop.

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