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Writers’ Rigs: Chris’ De Rosa SuperKing 888

Readers’ Rigs is a great look at what PEZ fans are riding but what about the man who created the column, Chris Selden – what’s he riding? Well recently Chris bought a new rig, a De Rosa SuperKing 888 so he thought he better update PEZ fans with details on his new love…

Name: Chris Selden
Age: 38
Location: Hérault Valley, France
Bike: 2014 De Rosa SuperKing 888
Groupset: Ultegra 11spd
Wheels: American Classic Argent
Pedals: Look Keo Blade 2
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Trans Am
Weight: 7.35kg


When did you buy it?
I bought this bike in April this year from a local shop that does hard discounts on some famous brands. I went in for just a look and came out with a new bike!

First day at home for the newest addition to the Selden family…

What made you choose this bike?
I had been looking for a new bike for a while as my previous machine was starting to get a little tired and working for Pez sees me constantly in contact with new, cool gear – I wanted something new and cool for myself! When I saw the De Rosa it was an easy choice, the finishing touches on the machine, its geometry and its looks got me straightaway. Match that up with the fact that it was heavily discounted, my size and I could choose any gear I wanted to go on it and I was sold.

What modifications/additions have you done?
The shop where I got it specilaizes in custom deals where you can basically put anything you want on your bike in terms of groupsets, wheels etc so in terms of modifications that I’ve done since May – not much. It came with a Deda Zero 100 white stem which looked great but was too short so I swapped it out for a Zipp model the right size and I also took off the ProLogo saddle it came with to put my old faithful and very ratty, yet comfortable Selle Italia saddle on.

Seldo’s ratty old SLR saddle that replaced a perfectly good ProLogo model…

What components are you running?
The De Rosa has a full 11spd Ultegra groupset on board with brakes, crankset – everything. Its performance is simply superb – I couldn’t fault any component in the group and as much as I’d have loved to have decked this bike out with Dura Ace from a price point/quality point of view I couldn’t justify – nor afford the extra expense.

How many miles/kilometers do you do a year?
For the last couple of years I’ve tended to do around 7,000km (4,500miles) per year. I’d love to do more but work and family commitments always cut into precious riding time! I’m lucky that in the region where I live in the South of France allows for all year riding so those kilometers are normally well spread out throughout the year.

Seldo enjoying his De Rosa in the beautiful Herault valley on his very first outing

What do you love about this bike?
The geometry of the frame is superb. It’s aggressive in its handling and simply sticks to the corners like nothing else. There’s something about it that just inspires confidence. When I bought this bike I had the choice of any wheelset in the shop – and he had a lot on hand but one of the sets he had on special were the American Classic Argents. I was a big fan of these wheels when I tested a pair last year so I didn’t hesitate too long before deciding to get them for this bike. They’re light, aero, superb on the braking and reliable – exactly what I need for my crazy descending style on this bike. They’re designed for tubeless or tire setups and as much as I loved riding them with tubeless when I tested them I actually run them with tires and tubes as I can’t get any decent tubeless tires here in France. That may change soon though with more and more companies producing tubeless wheels but for the moment it’s standard tires for me.

I also love the finish of the frame, the paint and sticker job, the way the cables are integrated, the seat stays and more. It’s a class above many other bikes of a similar price range just with its finishing details.


Favorite riding area?
I have so many that it’s hard to choose a favorite. I was lucky enough to race in a few different countries around the world a number of years ago and I’ve even lived in a few of those countries so I’ve been able to discover many different regions, terrains and of course languages and cultures thanks to riding bikes. I was born and raised in Sydney Australia and used to love riding the gorges of Galston, Berowra Waters and Bobbin Head as a teenager but now when I go back there I can’t believe that I used to ride on those roads with all the traffic.

Nowadays my home region is the Herault valley in the South of France and it is probably my favorite riding area due to the light traffic, amazing scenery and variety of terrain on offer. That would be closely followed by the French speaking canton of Neuchatel in Switzerland, the Pyrenées in and around Foix, the Gold Coast hinterland in Australia and more…

Chris putting the De Rosa through its paces at the Départemental Championships this year.

Favorite riding experience on your bike?
Having only recently purchased this bike I’m yet to have a memory that truly ‘stands out’ but I’ve already had a lot of fun and also suffered a lot on this machine! My favorite riding experience of all time though is without a doubt a camping trip I did on an old steel mountain bike over 20 years ago with two friends. To celebrate the end of school we didn’t take the traditional ‘go and get drunk’ holiday, instead we took our bikes to the island of Tasmania and rode for 33 days straight averaging 107km a day over dirt tracks, back roads, main roads etc and camping rough every night. An unforgettable experience.

Future upgrades?
Something small and inexpensive! I’ll probably change the bartape soon as although it looks good, it’s not cushioned enough for me. I’ll also get around to changing my saddle too as this one is truly on its last legs – but I love it!

For the moment the only upgrades Seldo has been doing is the way of product tests like here in May when he swapped his wheels out for a review of American Classic’s 46 Carbon Tubulars.

Last words?
This bike makes me smile just by looking at it and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about.

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