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PEZ Long Sleeve Jersey: Mondrian

The classic Mondrian style can only be worn with 100% confidence, but for those who can pull off this bold look – get ready to be noticed.  Pair it with the exclusive matching PEZ Mondrian Bibshorts, or over top of solid black bibs to rock that ’80’s look. The Windtex fabrics is lightly brushed on the inside so it’s not only warm, but feels great against your skin.  It breathes very well, and will stand up to years of use – I’m still wearing my original Mondrian style from 2007 and it looks like new. In back are three deep pockets for plenty of on-bike stowage with room to stash caps, gloves, arms & knees, even a light vest – and what other essentials you need for the chilly rides ahead.  The hidden zipper locks in place so there’s no annoying “zip-slap”.

I’m offering these at a special price because I only have a few left, and Mrs. Pez says it’s time to clean up my mess.
– Pez

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