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PEZ Jersey: 10th Anniversary

You’ve seen it on the pages of PEZ, now see it on yourself. Styled after the manly designs of the 1970’s, you’ll want to grow your sideburns to complete the hard man look.

Made in Italy by Capo, this jersey is made with Cap’s “Drop” fabric – which really is an excellent all-round jersey material.  The perforated weave allows air to flow through, and provides a larger surface area to aide moisture transfer.    The full length hidden zipper locks in place so it won’t flap annoyingly in the wind, and is robust enough to last years (at least mine have). The three

deep pockets in back hold gear in place with confidence – so no one will laugh at you because your banana was swung around to your hip.  There’s no sagging or bagging, and

the racer-cut will make you as aero as you feel, yet even cooler.

For best care, I wash in cold water, always do up the zippers, turn inside out, and then hang to dry – I have several of these Capo jerseys that are 4, 5, 6 years old, and still in great shape.

• See the Capo Size Chart in the photos below for sizing

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