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Coach Talk: Aldo Sassi

Coach Interview: Aldo Sassi was one of the best coaches at a time when many riders were relying on more than 'pane e acqua'. Sassi wouldn't touch a rider if they 'dabbling', but he did produce stars... and Ivan Basso.

A Snapshot In Time: An Interview With Aldo Sassi

The sad news came this morning that husband, friend, trainer, and anti-doping crusader, Aldo Sassi, had finally succumbed to the untreatable tumors in his brain. The trailblazing coach was a lot more than just a trainer to the riders he worked with and to his last days, he was constantly in touch, defiant against his fate. Let's look back at an interview with Sassi from just under two years ago and take a chance to remember a great man.