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Berlin Six Days: PEZ On The Boards!

Part two of Ed Hood's 'night job' in Berlin at the velodrome and the action was full on for days' two and three of the German '6 Day'. The big motors were out as were the sprinters, the beer, the flowers for the winners, plus a Berlin bear!

Berlin Six Days: Trackside PEZ!

It's Six Days season in northern Europe, with racing 'round the boards keeping riders fit & fans entertained for days on end. Ed Hood's pulling his annual shift working for two teams in Berlin, and filing the action for PEZ...

In The Trenches At The Berlin Six

Ed Hood has worked at various six day races around Europe as a 'runner' for many of the big stars since 2005 and before he took us through the last three days of action at the Berlin Six we just had to ask him one question, 'What is it you actually do at a six day race?'

Inside The Berlin Six Days: Go Team!

Berlin Six 2014: PezCycling's Six Day man Ed Hood is in the trenches at the world's longest running Six Day cycling race, working as a runner for American riders Daniel Holloway and Guy East. Here's his look at the first 3 days of action and events from the German Capital.

PEZ In The Trenches: The Finale In Berlin

Yesterday, you got a taste of the first half of racing in Berlin - today, we take the race to its conclusion. As always, Ed Hood is on the scene working hard, but his camera and pen are never far away. Let's see how the last three days looked through Ed's eyes.

PEZ In The Trenches: The Berlin Six Day

The 101st Berlin Six Day Race: The race was first held in 1909 when Americans Floyd McFarlane and Jimmy Moran won a US promoted event. Despite the race not being run during the war years this is the most prolific of all the six days - in 1926 there were three six days held in the city and as recently as 1970 there were two races held. Let's take a closer look!

The Next Stop: Inside The Berlin Six

It's just like the cool black and white six day pictures from the Cycling Weekly magazine in the 70's - a huge, spectacularly lit hall with a beautiful wide track; packed stands; the track centre alive with well dressed folks drinking, eating, chatting, laughing; a field of 18 teams hurtling round below the lights as the music pumps and the jerseys shimmer. It's the way they're supposed to look, it's the view of the Berlin Six, and the latest stop for the carnival that is six day racing.