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Best Riding Positions For Going Fast

Getting into a more aero position on your bike definitely makes you faster, and we've seen all kinds of variations by riders like Froome, Pantani, Sagan and more. We look at some actual wind tunnel testing to get to the bottom of which position on your bike is fastest for riding and also descending.

PEZ Bookshelf: Bike Fit, 2nd Edition

A revised book by Phil Burt, simply titled “Bike Fit,” leads one to believe that proper fit is indeed one of the most important elements that cyclists, whether hard-core professionals, enthusiastic amateurs, or just someone going down to the shops, should consider.

Toolbox: More Training Gifts Ideas!

Toolbox: Last week we explored gifts like winter gear for your bike and body to extend your outdoor riding season, along with ways to track and monitor your fitness and training. This week, let’s focus on gifts that can study your cycling biomechanics or just plain knock your cyclist’s socks off.

Toolbox: Address the Athlete – Adjust the Bike

In my almost 50-year cycling career as a competitor, coach and bike fitter, I have been able to observe cyclists of every level, style and ability. I have boiled all of this experience down to one basic fact: cyclists are athletes in every aspect, no different from swimmers, basketball players or track & field athletes.

Toolbox: What’s a Successful Bike Fit?

Lots of new technologies have emerged in the world of bike fitting that has the potential to alter the language that we use when we are discussing bike fitting. However, the ultimate aim remains the same no matter what tools are or are not used. What does a successful bike fit look like in the end?