What's Cool In Road Cycling

PEZ Bookshelf: Ride Inside

What hath Covid-19 wrought? While pro bike racing has been on-and-off-again outdoors, there was a surge in the popularity of e-racing, even with some virtual races actually contested by top riders, inside riding is now clearly A Big Thing. Striking while the iron is hot, noted coach Joe Friel's book looks at this trend and how to use it.

PEZ Reviews: GCN+ Cycling Streaming Channel

In the modern world we have YouTube and the Global Cycling Network, offering high-quality professionally-made videos, covering all aspects of cycling, from new tech to epic rides. In January 2021 GCN+ was launched and after this first year it is worthwhile to review what GCN hath wrought.

PEZ Bookshelf: The Midlife Cyclist

Carefully working my way through Phil Cavell's “The Midlife Cyclist” for some weeks now, a remarkable book of startling scope, whenever I mention the title it causes people to smile or laugh indulgently. But “The Midlife Cyclist” is actually a thought-provoking exploration of something that has never before existed: a great cohort of middle-aged athletes rewriting our knowledge of human health and performance.

PEZ Bookshelf: Peloton Legends

Sports fans love comparisons. Baseball is famous for its obsession with statistics (“The most successful left-handed pitcher throwing against a Chicago team on a Tuesday evening...”) and certainly all sports have record-holders. Pro cycling defies easy comparison of its stars. Can we figure out who was truly The Greatest of All Time?

PEZ Bookshelf: The Road Book 2021

Following the global disruptions of 2020, the question was whether this year would see some kind of return to normality. If “normal” means the same kind of exciting racing we actually did see last year, then 2021 had plenty to offer and the latest edition of the unique cycling almanac, “The Road Book,” brings those memories back in focus, along with plenty of other entertainment.

PEZ Picks the Best Cycling Books of 2021

2021 has been another good year for books, but we have also seen the growing availability of short videos, whether of race analysis, travel or even ads from bicycle manufacturers. As to books, with so many out there, it is perhaps not surprising that nutrition has finally gotten its due with numerous cookbooks arriving in the PEZ library.

PEZ Bookshelf: The Cyclist’s Cookbook

“Food, glorious food! What is there more handsome?” sang the boys in the musical “Oliver” and for those of us putting in the miles, is a germane question. And while one's thoughts turn to pizza and beer, we know that the right food should be a natural part of every cyclist's consideration. A new cookbook from sports nutritionist Nigel Mitchell is just the appetizer to get that diet right.

PEZ Goes to the Movies: Surfing the Line – Inside the World of Hill Climb Racing

The British invented the safety bicycle, but racing in the United Kingdom took its own peculiar course as competing en masse on the open road was forbidden, the Brits circumvented the rules with a focus on the individual time trial. While racing has come out into the open, and British success at the highest level of racing is undoubted, there remains a peculiar holdover from days past: hill climb racing.