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PEZ At 10: Bonding In Bormio!

In an unprecedented outbreak of PEZtivities, the capo himself, Richard Pestes, has organised a tenth anniversary bash to celebrate a decade of the world’s coolest bike site. Monday saw a carefully co-ordinated and seamlessly smooth meeting of PEZ regulars … and the fun started at the superb Hotel Funivia in Bormio. Riding, chatter, fine dining? It’s all here …

PEZ 10th Anniversary: The Standout Moments!

We recently passed our 10th anniversary, and after posting over 10,000 stories, we’ve also collected a lot of great memories. What started as writing for our own amusement has turned into something a lot of readers have enjoyed too. I asked the guys to pick one stand out moment from what surely must be an illegal (or at least taxable) amount of good times.