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BREATHING: At The Center Of Your Best Rides

When it comes to breathing many of us think “Hey, if I'm not dead, I’m certainly doing it right!” Unfortunately this is not the case, and our poor breathing can keep us from unlocking our full potential and speed, as well as unnecessarily prolonging our recovery.

Breath Training for Cycling Power

TOOLBOX: Breathing - If you ain’t dead, you must be doing it correctly, right? As it turns out, no. Here’s how to begin to add breathing into your strength training work, to help you learn how to perform better on the bike, with less stress on your body.

Airofit PRO Review – Training Your Breathing

Modern cycling and bike racing is all about watts. Before watts there was VO2 max, a measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen you can effectively use during exercise. You can increase your VO2 max via high intensity intervals and/or sweet spot training. But what if you could achieve the same benefits in 5-10 minutes a day without intervals? That's what the Airofit PRO promises.

Breathing as a Recovery Tool

The list of recovery tools the modern day cyclists has access to is quite long, and now there are tools promising to monitor and quantify your recovery. But we’re missing the best one, that’s right under your nose.