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Bremen Six Day: The Fantastic Finale

After three nights, the racing was anything but decided. The same theme would continue all the way until the final, sixth, evening. Bremen's racing was a barn-burner in 2012, so let's go back and see how it shook out. Read on!

Bremen Six Day: The First Three Nights

With the road season making its early start in Australia and Argentina, you could be forgiven for thinking that the winter disciplines are winding down - hardly. This weekend, the Cross World Championships are set to dominate headlines, and through it all, the Six Day train keeps on chugging. This time, Ed is in Bremen to cover all the action, behind the scenes. Let's take a closer look!

An Inside Look At The Bremen Six

All the greats have won in Bremen, Post, Sercu, Clark, Risi – and it was here that the late Garry Wiggins took his only six day win, with Tony Doyle in 1985. Our man beside the 166 metres of steeply banked boards, where the organisers say; ‘it’s more than a race!’ was the soigneur who has now topped 300 six days – Kris.