What's Cool In Road Cycling

Tour Coach: Solid Organization Delivers a Big Win

Insight St. 4: Thank goodness the Tour de France did away with the silly rule that imposed a limit on the maximum time a team could gain or lose in the team time trial. Today’s TTT, the first since 2005, was run by the old rules where real time was what counted, and as a result, the Astana team opened up big time gaps on all their rivals.

Tour Coach: Comfort In A Hostile Environment

Insight St.2: Riding the Tour de France is unlike anything else, but there are some parts of the first road stage that amateur riders and racers can easily relate to. Those of you who have gone to a local group ride or a race have probably noticed that there’s an initial flurry of activity in the group right at the start of the event, and then...

CTS Launches Le Tour Audio Workouts

At Last! We can ALL ride the Tour, and from the comfort of our own trainers at home – thanks to the guys at CTS (Carmichael Training Systems) who’ve launched their “Do The Tour… Stay At Home” Audio workouts, available as free downloads. Lance’s coach Chris Carmichael knows a couple things about riding and winning Le Tour, so we asked him for the full scoop…