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PEZ Cheap-Oh: Going Vintage

After restoring a classic Colnago Mexico, several readers asked us for help in starting their own old bike projects. Due to the popularity of vintage racing events like the Eroica and other new ones popping up, prices for old bikes are on the rise. Fear not. PEZ's Mr. CheapOh comes to the rescue with lots-o-tips for finding a reasonable ride.

PEZ CheapOh: Spring 2012 Edition

I’d like to apologize for not writing a Christmas CheapOh. I was reminded by the Pez that it had become a tradition… but what good are traditions, if not for breaking? But this winter which brought some very minus-y temperatures in these parts has given way to warmth and racing. So without further ado, here are some Spring cycling tips to save you money.

Cheap-Oh PEZ: Late Summer Edition

It’s been awhile since our last CheapOh report. We keep hoping that the market will take a sharp turn for the better. Before we start pointing fingers and getting huffy, we offer the Late Summer Edition. Anyway, even in the fat times, a dose of cycling frugality is always a good thing.

Autumn CheapOh!

As long as this economic malaise hangs around, PEZ will continue to humor Mr. CheapOh’s populist quest to save cyclists some money. In this latest episode, he gives dodgy tire advice, proposes dressing like a geezer and hanging out with home decorators. Viva frugality!

PezTech: Recession Buster Returns!

Due to the popularity of our Recession Buster Christmas gift feature and the fact that these downright shitty times (excuse our French) are still here, Mr. Cheap-Oh returns for an encore. Chapeau! Chapeau!