What's Cool In Road Cycling

Best Of PEZ: The Alpina Spoke Factory

If you’re using Mavic, Bontrager, Campagnolo, Fulcrum or newer Zipp wheels, there’s a good chance that they’ve got Alpina spokes and/or nipples in them. If you’ve got a BMW, Husqvarna or KTM motorcycle with spoked wheels or maybe a set of Borranis, they’re also Alpina’s. How is it that such a prominent Italian company remains virtually unknown? PEZ visits the factory near Milan to find out.

PEZ Cheap-Oh: Going Vintage

After restoring a classic Colnago Mexico, several readers asked us for help in starting their own old bike projects. Due to the popularity of vintage racing events like the Eroica and other new ones popping up, prices for old bikes are on the rise. Fear not. PEZ's Mr. CheapOh comes to the rescue with lots-o-tips for finding a reasonable ride.

PEZ CheapOh: Spring 2012 Edition

I’d like to apologize for not writing a Christmas CheapOh. I was reminded by the Pez that it had become a tradition… but what good are traditions, if not for breaking? But this winter which brought some very minus-y temperatures in these parts has given way to warmth and racing. So without further ado, here are some Spring cycling tips to save you money.

PEZ Speak: Italian For Cyclists

Here at PEZ, we are unabashedly Italo-philes. After the racing and the riding and the eating and especially the drinking, comes time to learn some of the language. While pointing and sign language are acceptable ways to communicate with accommodating Italians, throwing around a few choice words garners appreciation, throwing around cycling ones earns you Serious Bonus Points.

PEZ Restoration: A Special Colnago Mexico

My father’s into cars. And car magazines. There must be 5 or 6 subscriptions. Although I like the cars, I am more fascinated by the magazines. The cycling journalist in me is downright envious. Auto journalists are much more opinionated and critical – most likely because they are much less dependant on the industry's advertising. Their budgets, locations, access, perks and everything else is inconceivable in our little niche of the bike world. Yet, one area where we can hold our own is in…